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What’s New: Rules Builder Updates for Nintex Forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud®

One of the key features of Nintex Forms is the Rules builder experience. It helps business owners and IT professionals create and apply rules and advanced logic to transform a simple, static form into a dynamic one that changes based on business rules and user inputs. Dynamic forms improve the user experience and increase engagement by reducing the time for data entry while improving accuracy.

Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud was introduced in September 2017 with significant fanfare and we are now happy to announce new enhancements to the Rules builder design experience.

For one thing, we’ve replaced the inter-modal window with a full-modal interface. This provides more area to manage multiple rules and delivers an improved look and feel.

In addition, we’ve added a new “When form load” rule and updated the existing “On form input” rule.

Now, when you select Rules builder, you see those two options:

nintex forms

What’s new:

“When Form Load” Rule – This rule type executes when the form loads, meaning the only run once. As an example, you could set default values for controls.

Additional to the Form Load rules, you can now read a query string parameter from the form URL and initiate additional conditions. So, if you have a COUNTRY as a query string parameter, and the value was AU, you could show additional fields, set values and hide other fields specific to Australian form participants.

nintex formsWhat’s improved:

“On form input” rule. Introduced in September, “On form input” is a category of rule that can be applied to influence interaction of the user with the form. Although the look and feel of this rule hasn’t changed, the “On form input” rules, now exist in their own section of the Rule Builder.

nintex form

This recent release also provides additional rule parameters supporting email control (adding: contains, does not contain, does not end with, ends with) and short text control (adding: contains, does not contain, does not equal, equals).

Like other Nintex offerings, the Rules builder in Nintex Forms for Workflow Cloud is straight-forward and intuitive. If you haven’t had a chance yet to build a form in Nintex Workflow Cloud and experience the Rule builder for yourself I’d like to show you how easy and powerful it is.

  1. First, let’s create a form as a “Start event” in a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow. You do that with these steps:
    Click on the “Create workflow” button to open the drag-and-drop designer
  2. Click on the “Start event” and select the following options:
    1. Connector: Nintex
    2. Event: Form
  3. Click “Design form” and you’re off!

nintex formsYou’ve now created a Nintex form as a workflow start event.  Now you can configure the form by dragging controls on to your design canvas.

Select the link at the top for “a>b Rules”.  Configuring a rule takes 3 steps:

1. Name – describe your rule
2. When – select a field on the form and choose a condition to set it
3. Then – this is what will happen when the chosen condition is met

Now that you have your rule configured, you can test it to make sure it works. In Nintex Workflow Cloud, it’s easy to do so. On the form designer, select “Preview” to see the form and confirm your rule is working as expected.

We encourage you to experience the enhanced Rules builder in Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud for yourself.


We continue to introduce new features to Nintex Forms for Nintex Workflow Cloud. Visit the Product Roadmap in the Nintex Community to keep yourself updated on the latest releases! Don’t have Nintex Workflow Cloud? No worries! Try it free for 30 days here.

Terry Simpson

Terry has been working with SharePoint and Nintex tools for the last 10 years. Prior to joining Nintex, he spent the majority his career on the consulting services side of the business implementing a wide variety of SharePoint and Nintex solutions.  Terry’s unique, technical yet business focused, background gives him the ability to help users leverage technology to drive value to their businesses.

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