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What’s New: Nintex Forms Supports Arabic!

With about 300 million native speakers, Arabic is among the world’s most common languages. It is written from right to left, has no capital letters, and has 18 distinct shapes that can form 28 different letters using various combinations of dots.

Arabic speakers have long relied on the robustness of the Nintex platform and our Nintex Classic Forms Designer experience, including the ability to place controls precisely where desired and support for advanced customizations, to address all types of Arabic-language requirements. We kept this in mind in developing our new Responsive Forms Designer to ensure that Arabic users can take advantage of all Nintex Forms capabilities whether they use the Responsive Forms Designer or continue to use the Classic designer.

We have adopted Modern Standard Arabic to help localize Nintex Forms, making it easier for any Arabic speaker or reader to understand the language without being bound to a particular dialect.

Here are some of the cool Arabic-centric features in the latest Nintex Forms.

  • Right-to-Left Experience: Arabic is a right-to-left language, and so is our Nintex forms designer. Everything now is oriented from right to left, starting with the Ribbon and continuing through the default form logo, labels, and controls.

nintex forms

  • Here is a closer view of the new right-to-left Ribbon:

nintex forms

  • Arabic controls: Controls are localized to Arabic, to make it easy for Arabic speakers to select the right ones. Now, when you drag-and-drop a control, it will be oriented from right to left, which makes it easier to read and align. Tabs will work the way you expect — right to left, then top to bottom.

nintex forms

  • Right-to-left, localized Properties window: Configuring control properties couldn’t be easier with all item properties localized with the Modern Standard Arabic text. (It goes without saying that the drop-down options are also in Arabic.)

nintex forms

  • Arabic Dialog Boxes and Tooltips: If you try to close your form before saving or publishing it, a dialogue box in Arabic pops up to remind you to save first.

nintex forms

  • Arabic Rules Builder: Nintex Forms comes with an easy and handy Rules Builder. Now you can both build and name rules using the Arabic interface.

nintex forms

  • Arabic Formula Builder: Building formulas could not be easier, with all features and functions now fully supported in Arabic.

nintex forms

Nintex has been supporting the Arabic language for years. With this latest update, anyone who speaks or reads Arabic can use Nintex Forms with the same Responsive Forms Designer capabilities and the same easy yet powerful experience as in any other language.


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