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What’s New: Introducing the Nintex Product Roadmap

“The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different” – Peter F. Drucker

While these words from the oft-quoted business guru apply to a wide range of situations, the fact that “change is a constant” rings especially true for anyone who works in or with technology. With the pervasiveness of cloud services, the frequency and pace of change to the apps and tools we depend on every day to run our businesses have only increased. There’s really no sign that things are about to slow down either.

I think that is one of the most exciting aspects of being in the software and cloud services space. The ability to be highly responsive to customer requirements and changing market dynamics has completely shifted how we design, develop, deliver, and support the solutions Nintex offers. From the conversations I’ve had with many of you over the past year, I can safely say that just about all of you share similar exuberance for what this means for your own businesses. You’ve also been very frank with your feedback that it’s never been more important for us to provide greater transparency and visibility into our upcoming releases.

The good news? We heard you loud and clear!

It’s my great pleasure to share with you that we have officially launched our new Nintex Product Roadmap. Starting today, you can access our new public roadmap site by visiting roadmap.nintex.com to gain new insight into what’s coming to the Nintex platform in the near term.

nintex product roadmap

Our primary goal for the Nintex Product Roadmap is to keep you informed of the continuous innovation we’re delivering across the entire Nintex platform, on-premises and in our cloud offerings (like Nintex for Office 365Nintex Workflow Cloud, and Nintex Hawkeye).

The roadmap site makes it easy for you to navigate, filter, and search to keep current as we develop new features and enhancements to existing capabilities. The site is publicly available, right in the place you already spend a lot of time: the Nintex Connect community.

Our new public roadmap also allows you to share direct links to the roadmap items most interesting to you (or your customers and colleagues). You can keep current on the progress of these features as they go from “In Development” to “Generally Available” and ready for you to use in your quest to automate, analyze, and optimize all of your critical business processes with the Nintex platform.

Nintex Product Roadmap

Together with our recently launched  Nintex Product Feedback Site in UserVoice, the Nintex Product Roadmap adds another trusted, single source of the truth for all things related to your operations, usage and support of the Nintex platform. We’ll update the roadmap on a regular basis to reflect our ongoing product development and release cadence.


Go ahead and check out the new roadmap today, and let us know what you think!

Ian Hameroff

Senior Director of Product Marketing at Nintex, Ian Hameroff is passionate about developing compelling thought leadership and technical deliverables for businesses looking to transform their processes using the Nintex Workflow Platform. Ian lives in Seattle with his wife and is an avid soccer fan. Follow him on Twitter @hameroff