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What’s New: Forms “Submit” Options in Nintex Workflow Cloud®

We’ve just released some powerful new customization options to enhance what users experience when they submit Nintex Forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud. Workflow designers can now:

  • Customize the form “Submit” button text
  • Integrate Google reCAPTCHA in the submit experience
  • Create custom URLs to redirect users to additional information or actions.

The Nintex Forms “Action panel” now allows you to rename the “Submit” button to align with the interface of your internal or public website or mobile forms.

nintex forms - Nintex Workflow Cloud

In this example, I’ve customized the “Submit” button with “Continue.”

Nintex Forms

The “Action panel” now includes support for Google reCAPTCHA, a valuable feature that provides more security when an anonymous Nintex Workflow Cloud form is embedded in a public website. Use of Google reCAPTCHA reduces abusive or suspicious activity while allowing valid users to proceed with ease.

To enable this feature, just toggle the reCAPTCHA button to “Yes.”

Nintex Forms - Nintex Workflow Cloud

When the form is published, the user will see an embedded Google Invisible reCAPTCHA icon.


When you roll over the icon you will be presented with this:


For more information on Google reCAPTCHA please click here.

The third new “Action panel” feature allows the designer to define a custom redirect URL. For example, the designer might want to create a web page that thanks a user for submitting their information while providing additional details,  prompts them to respond to a specific call to action, or take some other step.

In the example below, you’ll see I set the Redirect URL to https://www.cnn.com:

nintex redirect - Nintex Workflow Cloud


We’re excited to announce these much-requested new features. We invite you to visit our NEW Nintex Public Product Roadmap often to see what we’ll be delivering in the near term. 


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