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What’s New: Conditional Start in Nintex for Office 365

The conditional start is a cool new capability in Nintex Workflow for Office 365 we are starting to roll out now that gives the designer a new level of control over how workflows are triggered. Normally, a workflow is kicked off when an item is created or modified. This new feature lets you set a condition or expression that must also be true for the workflow to start

Why Does it Matter?

Imagine you´re working on a document that you will later circulate for approval. You don´t want to trigger the approval workflow when you upload draft versions. You want the ability to update it multiple times and kick off the workflow only when it’s ready. That’s the perfect scenario for a conditional start.

We’ve had “Conditional Start” in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint (on-premises) and Nintex Workflow Cloud. We’ve had a similar capability, called “Run if,” in Nintex for Office 365. But this method is less efficient because it fires the workflow when the item is created or modified, and then checks to see if the “Run if” condition is met. “Conditional Start” prevents unnecessary workflows by checking whether the condition is met before triggering the workflow.

How Do I Use it?

From the ribbon of the workflow designer, click on “Settings.”


Scroll down to “Start options.”  If we want to use conditions, we need to enable these conditions in “Start when items are created,” “Start when items are modified,” or both.

Workflow Settings - Nintex for Office 365

Next, click “Add condition.”  You’ll have the option to create any expression to check the value of an existing column of the list and compare it to a specific value or to another field value. We support a variety of operators – including “equals,” “contains,” “begins with,” “matches regular expression,” and more (see the image below).

Settings 3 - Nintex for Office 365

And we let you include and conditions within conditions (with promote and demote options). Basically, we give you all the ingredients to create a logical expression for any purpose.

Settings 4 - Nintex for Office 365

Once you’re done, click “Save” and your workflow will start only when you create or modify an item AND your condition(s) are true.

You can add “Conditional start” to existing workflows as well as using it in new ones. I hope this post gives you some ideas for both – go ahead and give it a try!


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