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What’s New: Announcing Nintex for SharePoint 2019

Since Microsoft announced the general availability of SharePoint 2019 this year, Nintex has been busy working behind the scenes to ensure our workflow automation platform can take advantage of the new features found in SharePoint 2019 and continue serving our customers who are looking to transform their businesses.

Well, folks…the wait is finally over as Nintex for SharePoint 2019 is now available for our customers who decide to migrate or adopt SharePoint 2019!

Modern! Modern! Modern!

SharePoint 2019 itself features modern user experience, modern sites, modern pages, modern lists, and on and on. So of course, when we designed Nintex for SharePoint 2019, we designed with modern in mind.

For SharePoint 2019 users, you will now find our Nintex Platform entry point squarely sitting on the toolbar, natively integrated with SharePoint as it had always been in previous versions. Fear not for those who are power users of the classic UI—Nintex for SharePoint 2019 will support both the modern UI and the traditional classic UI, so you get to choose the look and feel most comfortable to you.

Image of Stationary request form

But who would we be if we simply repainted your car? We went ahead and modernized (a fancy marketing term but really,  it means reengineered) our SharePoint offering, so that your processes continue to run smoothly, giving you time back for things that are important to you.

New workflow gallery page

The new and improved workflow gallery page now allows you to create, view, and manage workflows all on the same page.

Ever lose something in your car and wondered if it’s in the glove compartment? Center console? Perhaps stuck in between two seat cushions in the back? Well, with Nintex for SharePoint 2019, we decided to make onboarding easier by allowing users to see everything on one page. Users no longer need to dig around multiple places to find one functionality as they’re all integrated within this new gallery page.

Image of Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2019

Content database warning

Just as if your car is about to run out of gas, you’d appreciate the low fuel warning light to come up as a signal for you. We’re bringing the same concept into Nintex for SharePoint 2019.

Some on-premises customers are not aware of the fact that their database needs be maintained and trimmed from time to time since workflows will generate data. Leveraging SharePoint’s Health Analyzer, if your database is running close to the threshold you set, you will get a warning so that you know it’s about time to do some spring cleaning.

Image of Review problems and solutions

Of course, just a warning wouldn’t be enough. When you click into the warning, you will see which database to target, steps to purge data, and a link to a best practice page, so that you can take care of your database without running into any customer experience issues with your workflow automation.

Image of SharePoint view

Purge workflow data improvements

Probably the biggest change to Nintex for SharePoint 2019 is right here – improvements to the purge workflow data page. We decided to pop the hood on the previous version of Nintex for SharePoint and retool the entire engine, and now you have a modern and reliable car to run your processes.

Admins can now purge an infinite amount of workflow data without issues. This is a huge benefit for customers who have billions of rows of data. Not only that, there are now additional filters that enable more flexible queries, as well as the ability to view workflow purge progress and cancel any in-progress purge at any time. While most of the technical work was done under the hood, these changes will save you a ton of time, minimize any end-user dissatisfaction, and grant you more control over your workflow database.

Image of Nintex Administration

Who are we?

Nintex is the global standard in process management and automation. We provide an end-to-end solution on process management, process automation, and process optimization, and features a drag-and-drop, no-code system so that any of your end-users can create an effective form and workflow automation. We have over 10,000 customers across 90 countries trusting Nintex to help with their business process automation today and proudly boast an industry-leading 70 percent NPS.

Interested in learning more?

If you are just as excited about the new Nintex for SharePoint 2019 as I am but are new to Nintex, I’d highly recommend you to visit www.nintex.com to learn more about our solution, or simply go straight to our trial page to sign up for a risk-free trial today.

If you are a current customer and are thinking about moving to Nintex for SharePoint 2019, contact your account manager today to learn about our new platform and path to migration, and make sure to check out the Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2019 release note in the Nintex Community.



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