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What’s in a number? 892,912 and Fraser Maguire

Nintex’s Global Steps Challenge inspires an outdoor-adventuring, quality time-enabling, Zoom-stepping, weight-losing, nature-indulging health habit.

Think you could tackle 892,912 steps in a single month? Nintex’s very own Fraser Maguire did!

A senior sales development representative out of Brisbane, Australia, Fraser walked, ran and Zoom-call-tread-milled his way through nearly 450 miles (724km) last month to beat Nintex’s other 95 participants across the globe in our Global Steps Challenge.

“This challenge has been so good for my mental health, getting out in nature and creating extra time in my day. It’s also helped me get healthier – increasing my activity and as a bonus, losing 7kg (15lb) – which I am super happy with!”

Fraser, our Global Steps Challenge winner, describes himself as a competitive guy and, as a lover of the outdoors and exploring new places, Fraser is particularly drawn to Nintex’s annual Global Steps Challenge.  This year, the challenge helped kick off an important time to start improving his health too – in preparation for his July 2023 destination wedding in Greece.

Fraser went about the challenge with a highly disciplined mindset and schedule that may leave you feeling a bit guilty for hitting the snooze button!

“My daily routine during the week was getting up around 5-5.30am and trying to get 20,000 steps in before work (about 3 hours of walking). We moved to Queensland from Melbourne in June, so luckily, we have lots of new places to explore.”

And if you thought team calls were only a stationary activity, think again! During COVID lockdowns, Fraser bought a treadmill to help keep himself moving when being out and about wasn’t an option. With lockdowns past us, he put it to good use again to maximize his steps during the challenge.

“When on team Zoom meetings, I regularly walked on the treadmill. Camera still on! It also helped me get my steps in when the weather wasn’t so good.”

Lunch time, dinner time, and weekends were no cause for rest either. Fraser and his fiancée, Stephanie routinely took long walks during the week and new walks or hikes each weekend to explore the sights around Queensland – from the Sunshine Coast in Noosa and other beach towns to the Glasshouse Mountains and more.

And their adventuring isn’t over. Their frequent walks have afforded Fraser and Stephanie to plan new adventures. While stepping their way through a healthy lead-up to their nuptials and improving their wellbeing as a couple, they’ve had time to talk through plans for their wedding in Greece and a new trip to Thailand.

While Nintex gifted Fraser his choice of some new athletic gear for the win, he has gained so much more from the challenge: an uplift in his mental and physical health, and the ability to spend more time with his fiancée.

The Nintex Global Steps Challenge

Nintex global steps challenge sept 2022

Whether it was Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter where our people were stepping, Nintex saw participation from employees all over the world in the Global Steps Challenge.

Contest prize-winners included the top three steppers per region, led by Fraser, Bill Marcoe (Seattle-based Account Manager), and Dumisani Nkosi (Johannesburg-based Customer Support Engineer), respectively. Global and APAC (Asia-Pacific) runner up with her own shocking step number, was Yana Tumanova (Auckland-based HR (Human Resources) Information Systems Specialist), with an impressive 823,617 steps.

Also recognized were three winners per category for the most recorded steps in a day for the “Golden Foot Award,” led by Fraser; the while stepping for the “Scenic Route Award,” led by Inna Blair (Seattle-based Sr. Sales Analyst); and in for the “Creativity Award,” led by Chantelle Garcia (Seattle-based Customer Support Engineer). Additionally, raffle winners were drawn every week for those who had completed a minimum of 10,000 steps per day that week.

“The collective health impacts of this year’s Global Steps Challenge were immense,” said AMER HR Generalist, Kayla Miller. “Not only did we see participation globally, we also walked about 13,000 recorded miles (20,921km), while coming together as a community across time zones and within regions, taking time to disconnect from our desks, and getting healthy both physically and mentally as a result.”



Learn more about walking working at Nintex!



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