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What to expect from Nintex ProcessFest® 2019

Nintex ProcessFest 2019 is quickly approaching, Sept. 30Oct. 3, in Bellevue, Wash. (just east of Seattle). This user conference is an exciting, hands-on opportunity for Nintex customers and partners to discover all the ways the Nintex Process Platform can help you manage, automate and optimize business processes and operations 

Packed full of customer success stories  from leading brands and organizations like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, GM Financial, Marriott International, SUEZ, SFMTACity and County of Denver, and more — to training classes and certification exams, this event is designed to help everyone accelerate digital transformation and derive even more value from their investments in Nintex.  

 Nintex ProcessFest® presents you with the tools and information needed to reach new heights  while revolutionizing your process management and automation initiatives.  

What iNintex ProcessFest® – and how do I go? 

The firstofitskind Nintex ProcessFest event is designed for ops and IT professionals and business leaders. Whether you’re just beginning, a seasoned process pro, or looking for ways to supercharge your business, you’ll discover a wealth of information and guidance at this immersive, multi-day event. 

The main conference takes place Oct. 1-3, with pre-event day on Sept. 30th that offers practical, practitioner- to expert-level training classes. Nintex ProcessFest is being held at the W Hotel in Bellevue and has a fun ProcessBowl at Lucky Strike planned the evening of Oct. 2nd 

 Throughout the event, attendees will have the chance to experience training and use cases across process management and process automation, and network, network, network! 

If you’re ready to get started, register for the conference todayStill wondering if Processfest is for you? Keep reading. 

What can I expect from Nintex ProcessFest® 2019? 

 When you join us for Nintex ProcessFest® 2019, you’ll experience action-packed days with exclusive insights, expertise, training, and fun evening activities. Daily keynotes feature tech analysts and influencers from Aragon Research, Forrester, and IDC, as well as customers like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Marriott International, GM Financial, and ClassPass. Partner keynoters include Avanade, Adobe, Abel, Elantis, New Signature, Protiviti and SDG.  

 During each afternoon from Oct. 1-3, ProcessFest will be divided into two main categories: Process Management & Automation Training Courses and Process Management & Automation Tracks.   

Training courses are planned for well-versed users of the platform (experts) and for customers in the intermediate stages of their process journeys (practitioners).  

1.  Expert training courses

Five expert courses will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, across a range of topics and themes. Three of these courses will be held on Monday too.  

  • Nintex Promapp®*: Learn how to gain a unique understanding of the processes in your organization with Nintex Promapp®  and unlock advanced features of the platform. 
  • Nintex Workflow Automation (Part 1-2)*: Identify how organizations can achieve more from their workflows with advanced features such as State Machines, Set Conditionals and Run Ifs. 
  • Nintex Foxtrot® RPA: Discover more about the endless examples for automation that RPA can provide and extend your knowledge of features throughout the RPA platform. 
  • Nintex Cloud Migration (Part 1-2)*: If you’re a regular on-premises Nintex user, there’s a good chance that, like many other users, you’re looking to explore the benefits that cloud migration providesWe’ll walk you through the planning, execution, and post-migration processes to ensure success when you head to the cloud
  • Nintex Workflow Bootcamp (Part 1-2): In this bootcamp, we’ll take an intensive deep dive into core process automation across four main categories: Workflows for Office 365, Forms for Office 365, Advanced Extensibility in Nintex Workflow for Office 365, and adding Serverless Computing Services to your platform.  

 *offered on Sept. 30th, as well. 

2.  Process Management & Automation Tracks 

Throughout the conference, public and private sector organizations, Nintex partners executives and evangelists will deliver 20+ breakout sessions, designed to highlight the best examples of Nintex in action. The sessions are all 45 minutes each. 

Whether you’re looking to discover the future of Nintex Workflow, Forms, or RPA or how to create a process culture in your organization, there’s something for everyone 

Here’s a snapshot of the sessions offered. Click here for a complete schedule. 

October 1st  

1:00pm-1:45pm | Future of Workflow: Understanding the Nintex Workflow Cloud  

Alex Burton, VP of Product, Nintex | New to Nintex Workflow Cloud? Attend this session and learn what it is all about, including its powerful capabilities, lightningfast designer, integrations with systems of record, and whats coming on the roadmap. Youll leave this session with a clear picture of the power of Nintex Workflow Cloud® and how to leverage it in your next project. 

2:00pm-2:45pm | Save Development Time with Component Workflows  

Ben Stori, Solutions Architect, SDG | Component workflows are often forgotten but they can save your organization a lot of development time. In this demo-oriented session, we will cover what component workflows are and provide real-world examples of when you would want to use them. Well even build component workflows to show you their value and how they fit into your everyday processes. 

2:00pm-2:45pm | From Process to Automation  

Zoe Clelland, Senior Director, Product Management, Nintex | Do you love process but havent built a workflow yet? In this session, well show you how easy it is to go from documentation to automation with Nintex Promapp® and Nintex Workflow. Youll learn how to effectively work with IT to convert your process documentation into a fully automated process. Well start by covering how to plan for automation, how to accelerate impact, and conclude by showing you how intuitive and fast it is to build your first workflow. 

3:15pm-4:00pm | RPA: Extending Process Automation to the Desktop and Beyond  

Aaron Bultman, Director, Product, Nintex and Jeff Bray, EVP Technology and Operations, Seacoast Bank Want to learn more about robotic process automation (RPA) and how it fits into your broader process management strategy? In this session, well explore common use cases, discuss best practices, and show you how were bringing together the world of workflow automation and RPA. Youll leave this session knowing how to build your first bot and where to put Nintex Foxtrot® RPA to use in your organization to deliver maximum impact. 

4:15pm-5:00pm | Future of Forms: Are You Ready?  

Euan Gamble, Senior Product Manager, Nintex | Looking to create faster, flexible, and more powerful forms? With a new improved interface, multipage support, a visual rules builder, and much more, Nintex Forms will help you do just that. In this session, well explore the new capabilities of Nintex Universal Forms and put them to work through live demonstrations of real-world scenarios. 

October 2nd 

1:00pm -1:45pm | The (Seemingly) Impossible Made Possible: How Suez WTS Migrated Hundreds of Workflows in Six Months  

Alex Joly, CEO, Hub Collaband Gerard Van Kemen, CIO, Suez WTS | Suez WTS, a 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Award winner, successfully migrated all of its business-critical processes and data from a bespoke legacy platform to Office 365 and Nintex in half the projected time with the help of Nintex Partner, Hub Collab. 

2:00pm-2:45pm |Creating an Intelligent Workplace by Changing the Way People Work  

Ken Thomas, Managing Director, ProtivitiBill Vencil, Associate Director, ProtivitiKathie Topel, Associate Director, Protiviti | Businesses commonly have advanced technology available to their enterprises, but many are stuck in last century mindsets when it comes to improving and automating business processes. Join Protivitis Business Performance Improvement experts as they walk through the methodology of transforming common business processes that create an intelligent workplace that truly changes the way people work. Attendees will see how the Nintex Process Platform and toolset can be leveraged to improve the process, automate the process and provide actionable data intelligence as the process is executed. 

3:15pm-4pm | Discussion Panel: Transforming Government Agencies and Delivering Amazing Citizen Services  

Steve Witt, Director of Public Sector, Nintex; Virdis Gamble, Productivity Services Manager, SFMTA; Evan Pfaff, Digital Transformation Engineer, City and County of Denver; Debbie Watson, Fire Analyst, Garland Fire Department | Government agencies are under constant pressure to deliver more with less while dealing with rising citizen expectations. Thats why these agencies are eliminating paper, automating manual processes and transforming operations. In this panel session, you will hear from leading state and local agencies who are successfully transforming internal processes and public-facing tasks through process automation. 

4:15pm-5pm | Accelerating Results: Learn the GM Financial Secret to Workflow Automation in the Millions  

Jarrett Robinson, SharePoint Systems Manager, GM Financial; Abby Martins, SharePoint System Manager, ITS | GM Financial has successfully published almost 6,000 Nintex Workflows  running 4.8 million+ times in the first half of 2019 alone and 9.4 million+ since Q1 2018  which has enabled the financial services arm of General Motors to complete 50+ internal projects already this calendar year. In this session, you will learn best practices and lessons learned from a process automation powerhouse team on how to design and publish workflows, including naming conventions and clearing workflow histories, to forms with JavaScript, to managing workflows with more than one Nintex database. Youll walk away with a clear understanding of how to manage, automate and optimize more workflows and forms across your organization. 

October 3rd

1:00pm-1:45pm | The Future of Nintex Analytics  

Will Knowles, Technical Evangelist; NintexZoe Clelland, Senior Director, Product Management, Nintex | Nintex product and technical experts will walk attendees through Nintexs next-generation Analytics designs and the future of process intelligence. Youll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Analytics dashboard designs and our 12-month roadmap. Youll leave this session understanding the important role process intelligence plays in optimizing your business processes. 

2:00pm-2:45pm | Deep Dive on Nintex Xtensions®  

Daniel Burke, Senior Sales Engineer, Nintex; Vadim Tabakman, Director of Technical Evangelism, Nintex | Building on the basics learned in the Get Up and Running Fast with Nintex Xtensions® session, well take it to the next level by integrating Nintex across all the tools in use in your organization. This session will go deep into authentication, dynamic lookups within an action, file handling, and customizing the configuration UI. Youll walk away from this session being able to incorporate advanced principles in your Xtensions® that will provide a clean and efficient user experience. 

3:15pm-4 pm | Share a Coke and a Process  

Beth Cord, Director, HR Services Support and Client Services, The Coca-Cola Company, Business Services North America | Have you ever had difficulty describing and managing current processes or ways to improve them within Visio or PowerPoint? Attend this session to learn how Coca-Cola Business Services North America went from enduring slow, isolated, and painful tools like these to faster, more dynamically collaborative and successful approach for managing HR, Finance and Customer Service related processes. Learn how they easily transformed support for their franchised bottling companies, client support teams, and customer contact centers by mapping and managing business processes with Nintex Promapp®. Coca-Cola will share their business process journey including what they needed in a process management solution, their timeline for deployment, and the positive business impact this successful approach to change management has generated since 2017. 

3.  Practitioner courses 

 These four practitioner courses are designed for customers in the earlier to intermediate stages of using the Nintex Platform. If you’ve just started, or are exploring the possibility, of using a new Nintex feature, these training courses have everything you need to get started down the right path. 

 Courses are offered during the pre-day (Sept. 30th) to the final day (Oct. 3rd) of the conference and run for three hours each.  


  • Nintex Promapp®: Learn how Nintex Promapp® allows you to standardize, record, and strengthen the processes across your organization by creating engaging, accessible process maps.  
  • Nintex Workflow and Forms: If you’re new to Nintex, this is the place to be. We’ll get you started creating workflows for the most common business processes, giving you the necessary tools to start making fast and efficient process improvements
  • Nintex RPA: If you’re a Nintex Workflow user and want to take your process automation to the next level  Nintex RPA can help. Discover how Foxtrot bots can automate tasks in your business. 
  • Nintex Drawloop®*: Learn how to automatically create mission-critical documents like contracts, quotes, and proposals, using Salesforce data.  

 *offered on Sept. 30th only. 

Are you ready for Nintex ProcessFest? 

 Nintex ProcessFest offers a unique opportunity to learn how to drive efficiencies and ensure the maximum possible value from your Nintex investment. This conference gives you everything you need to know to drive big process management and automation results across your organization 


 Ready to register for Nintex ProcessFest 2019? Register today – early bird pricing ends August 30th. Questions, looking for more information?  Get in touch with the team.  


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