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What happened at Pizza and Process with Raphael Bachmann

If you need another excuse to eat pizza, you can find it in the latest episode of Pizza and Process – now available to watch on-demand.

Jonathan Butler, our Pizza and Process host welcomed special guest, Raphael Bachmann, who is a Nintex vTE and director of automation projects at IOZ, a Nintex partner based in Switzerland.

Italian is one of the four official languages in Switzerland and it means that Raphael is well-versed in pizza knowledge. He says there are two main pizza corporations in the country and you either like one or the other – whichever one you like describes a lot about you.

When Raphael Bachmann met Nintex

Raphael has been working with Nintex for almost a decade and stated how “he hasn’t regretted it once” and attributes that sentiment to Nintex being “a delight to work with.”

He began a lot of process automation projects with Nintex for SharePoint and Office 365. After finding some SharePoint work was super repetitive, Raphael wanted to see how he could automate these repetitive tasks. That’s when he discovered the benefits of Nintex.

IOZ added the Nintex Process Platform to its suite of no-code business tools for client projects. Raphael stated that working with Nintex “allows our company to go deeper into the conversations of business process management (BPM) and business process automation (BPA)” to position themselves as regional experts in that space.

He continued, “It’s deeper than that now, though. I find myself playing around with Nintex solutions on the weekends and during personal time.”

Autonomy from IT with the help of IT

In the past, a lot of Raphael’s business conversations were with IT departments because they owned the licenses and budget for software. The primary job for IT departments is ensuring teams have the proper infrastructure to be efficient.

As more projects and teams shift to the cloud, the conversation isn’t centered around IT anymore. With the cloud, we’re no longer reliant on IT for site collections or updates because many of these things are happening automatically without us knowing.

Jonathan and Raphael discussed scenarios where departments outside of IT have developed so many process automation solutions that they almost resemble a shadow IT department. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Raphael recommends always including someone from IT on every project.

Not only does including someone from IT on every automation project demonstrate the IT department’s value, but also we need IT. The IT department has great input and context into a wide range of solutions across your business.

In other words, if you feel like you created a secondary IT department with all your automated solutions, consider including and engaging your IT team on more projects. You would be surprised to learn how much additional support they can provide. You also might be able to inspire them with the possibilities of process automation – and they can begin optimizing other processes across the business.

Raphael also mentioned how key communication is for IT. Outside of IT, you can have technology autonomy while maintaining good communication between your team and your IT department. This communication theme was very similar to what we discussed during a previous Pizza and Process episode with Pat Nguyen where he said it’s important to communicate, communicate, over-communicate.

Error-handling with workflows

Toward the end of the episode, Raphael shared a process with us around managing workflow errors. The Nintex Process Platform has industry-leading “up-times” but that doesn’t mean third-party tools leveraged through the Nintex Xtensions® framework can’t cause a workflow to fail.

There are multiple reasons that workflows fail, but Raphael shares a way to handle errors without duplicating notifications or approvals that have already been processed. Raphael architects a workflow in a fragmented manner with various “run-if” functions – depending on stages of the workflow.

Then if you have to restart a workflow you don’t have to start over that work that already flowed.

What if your workflow keeps failing because it connects to a third-party system that regularly shuts down for maintenance? In this situation Raphael’s error-handling architecture could mitigate errors, confusion, and repetitive work.

Watch the full Pizza and Process episode to learn more about this error-handling technique.



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