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What happened at Pizza and Process with Mickey Camarco

In our November Pizza and Process, our host Jonathan Butler was joined by Mickey Camarco, our very own Solutions Engineer at Nintex. You can watch it on-demand here.

Mickey has been with the company for almost a year, and she spent the prior two years championing Nintex at a customer organization. Mickey admits, “I don’t have a super technical background and I would actually consider myself more of a business user.”

Thanks to the Nintex Community, Mickey quickly gained knowledge and developed Nintex skills. Jonathan and Mickey agreed that it’s the best starting place to learn the Nintex Process Platform.

Quick wins and automation

Jonathan asked Mickey how to get quick wins in automation and we summarized the general response:

Step 1: List out all of your company processes. (Understanding your processes is really important and many don’t realize how complicated certain processes are – especially larger organizations).

Step 2: Prioritize the processes that your business wants to automate.

“If your number one process to automate is super complex, it may not be a quick win but it will be a BIG win. If you’re looking for a quick win, find simple processes that only require a few steps. Then find a few of those that you can automate in minutes to give yourself the quick win.” Says Mickey.

They joked that it’s maybe not the best idea to loop your VP into the first process you automate.

Rules of engagement for process stakeholders

Jonathan asked Mickey about designing processes as a Nintex customer and the best way to engage stakeholders. Mickey had great advice:

For stakeholders who are hesitant to change (which can be common), Mickey sits down with them and shows them how to automate processes. Starting with “I want to understand your processes to make you more efficient” will help stakeholders understand that you’re only there to help.

Communication is key

Communication is a common theme we see when we see throughout various episodes on Pizza and Process. We know that communication and automation work best when combined – methodically.

Not only with stakeholders – communication is important for any and every person involved in the process. Always and especially when it’s changing. Jonathan and Mickey agreed that over-communication is far better than confusion – which is what ultimately happens when something is miscommunicated.

The featured process

Each episode we try to discuss the strategy that goes into building a particular process. This episode, Mickey shared a process that consists of three different workflows and tracks vaccine and health records for anyone in your organization.

Management can go in and look at the data for when someone shares their health results or records and then determine the safest way for everyone on their team to gather safely. The process also works for companies with a hybrid working model to stay compliant with local public health regulations – or to maintain compliance with certain travel restrictions for business travelers.

Start automating right away with the Solution Accelerator Gallery template Mickey built a template for this process that’s available in the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery. Get started right away by visiting the Adhere to Coronavirus Employee Guidelines template.

The next Pizza and Process

Jonathan will return for Pizza and Process with RapidMATION’s Andrew Blinco to share what it takes to architect a streamlined NDA process. You can for the December 16 episode here.



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