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What happened at Pizza and Process with Cosima von Kries?

Do you need an excuse to eat some pizza while transforming the way you work? Well, you are in the right place. In the latest episode of Pizza and Process—available to watch on-demand—you can hear from Cosima von Kries, director of presales for the Nintex EMEA region.

Cosima joined our Pizza and Process host, Jonathan Butler and discussed the competitive advantage of digital signatures.

Some background on Cosima

The episode started with a little background on Cosima. Cosima began at Nintex as a technical evangelist and moved into more senior technical sales roles before shifting into a customer success role for a while. Now Cosima has progressed into a director role back in the sales division where she began as a technical evangelist.

Cosima noted that leadership roles are different from her time as an individual contributor. As an individual contributor, the constant thought is “how can I make myself shine?” whereas a manager the constant thought process is “how can I help this person shine?”

Automating with eSign

In this episode, eSignature was the primary focus. Cosima mentions how there are so many processes out there where people are still capturing written signatures and storing paper documents. For example, registering your pets in Germany (where Cosima lives) requires lots of paperwork and signatures. Or acquiring a license often involves some sort of signature. Jonathan and Cosima both agreed that all of these processes can be streamlined with automation and eSign.

Jonathan ended the episode by asking Cosima what capability she would like to see added to the Nintex Process Platform. Cosima expressed with a desire for Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) certifications – which includes a qualified digital certificate that indicates if identity verification has been completed prior to the signing event.

In response, Jonathan said the product management team has already noted this as a priority for Nintex AssureSign®.

Catch Cosima and Jonathan at Nintex ProcessFest® 2022

You can catch-up with Cosima and Jonathan again in March. Both of them will be presenting at our biggest event of the year, Nintex ProcessFest® – taking place virtually on March 1, 2022. Jonathan will be presenting about Nintex AssureSign® in a breakout session, and Cosima will be presenting in the global keynote broadcast. Registration for the virtual event is free and we hope to see you there!


Nintex Pizza and Process will be back in March. Register for the next event or watch previous episodes on-demand by clicking here.



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