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What happened at Pizza and Process with Chris Ellis?

In the latest Pizza and Process episode, our host Jonathan Butler was joined by automation expert, Chris Ellis. The episode is now available to watch on-demand 

Both Jonathan and Chris were keynote speakers at Nintex ProcessFest® 2022, our biggest automation event of the year that took place earlier this month, and is also available to watch on-demand. 

During each Pizza and Process, Jonathan always asks every guest about their favorite Pizza, and Chris responded with an unconventional story: his favorite was his own. He recently went away to celebrate his wedding anniversary and they stayed at a place with a wood-burning stove. He made his own pizza with a little bit of everything, and he’s still thinking about it! But he said if he was asked this question a week ago, he would’ve said a barbecue chicken pizza with pineapple and jalapenos.  

Learning about our special guest, Chris Ellis 

Chris is the director of pre-sales for the entire Asia Pacific region working with a great team of individuals who are expert storytellers and Nintex evangelizers. His love affair with Nintex began when he was with a customer who was leveraging Nintex for SharePoint and he built his first automated process which was a helpdesk solution.  

A few years later Chris joined the Nintex team when a perfect opportunity came up. He has been with Nintex for almost eight years now. 

Chris says that the Nintex Community has been a bookmark on his laptop since he began working with the platform as a customer 13 years ago. He also learned a lot from Nintex partners that offered training services. 

Using Nintex Promapp® to document processes 

Chris talked about one of his first experiences automating processes, he had to map out a process on a beer mat (AKA a coaster). Many businesses use some sort of canvas to begin documenting their processes – whether it’s a napkin, whiteboard, post-it note, or some sort of beer mat that Chris had to start with. Jonathan and Chris both rejoiced in the addition of Nintex Promapp® to the platform because it makes documenting processes so much easier.  

Nintex Promapp® facilitates that need of being able to fully understand and document your processes before you begin the automation journey. 

The process Chris featured with Nintex RPA and Nintex Workflow Cloud 

Each Pizza and Process event we try to have the automation experts focus on one process that they’ve built and discuss how it works and the thought process that went into building it. 

In this session, Chris featured an email automation solution built with Nintex RPA and Nintex Workflow Cloud where he can personalize email outreach to a large group of contacts. Essentially, it’s a mail merge but easier.  

For instance, Chris runs technical events where attendees need a manual or template and other information before they join. So, he uses the attendee list in a spreadsheet format (because spreadsheets and Nintex RPA work really well together) and he makes sure the spreadsheet has all the information he needs such as; Name, email address, Nintex representative, etc. Then the solution handles the rest and emails to each person listed in the spreadsheet. For example, if there are 125 contacts in the list, then technically Chris initiates 125 separate workflows to send the email and attach the relevant manual while copying in the appropriate Nintex representative all while addressing the contact by first name using Nintex Workflow Cloud. The email looks personalized but it’s fully automated. 

Now Chris and his team are using this automated process for the event follow-up as well. 

Chris joked how he’s giving away his trade secrets and some people might have thought they received a personalized email from him. Can we consider it personalized since he personally built this workflow? This technique works best for Chris and his team because they run four of these technical workshops each month, and the personalized communications wouldn’t scale if they weren’t automated. 

To see the whole process explained by Chris, watch the full episode here. 



Nintex Pizza and Process will be back in May. Register for the next event or watch previous episodes on-demand by clicking here.



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