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What happened at Pizza and Process with Caroline Jung?

In the latest Pizza and Process episode, our host Jonathan Butler was joined by low-code architect and Nintex vTE Caroline Jung. You can now watch the episode on demand.   

Caroline started her technology journey as a developer and was introduced to Nintex by a colleague. After attending a training course on Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow she decided to make the change. These days she doesn’t do much development work, preferring low-code solutions. This frees up her time to spend with customers analyzing their business, understanding their needs, and building out low-code solutions that solve their business problems.  

In every Pizza and Process episode, Jonathan asks his guest what their favorite pizza is. Caroline’s go-to option is the one with an egg in the middle, traditionally known as a Bismark Pizza… we are not sure if Jonathan has tried that one before! 

Using low-code to go faster

Caroline uses low-code solutions because they help her to build faster. Because it’s so quick to build a new form in Nintex – there is no need for a mockup – she can move straight to form design. Caroline likes to bring her customers into the design and development process early.  

The first step is to have the customer explain what their problem is, and their ideal solution. The next step is to build a simple form and share it with the customer. Very quickly the customer can see what the final form will look like, test it, and provide feedback throughout the build process.  

For Caroline, being able to show customers a draft form has reduced build times. They can visualize what the final form will look like and provide input through the process to optimize the form, rather than all the feedback coming in at the end. In Caroline’s experience, without a visual reference it’s often hard for customers to know what is possible, or what to expect at the end of a build, and that can lead to delays and unmet expectations. 

Simple is best when starting a new project

When new requests come in, Caroline has learned that it’s best to start with a simple version of a form at the beginning. As customers review the form and provide feedback, adjustments can be made to customize the form.  

Automating a capital expenditure approval process

The process Caroline and Jonathan discussed on the webinar was a capital expenditure approval process, and the solution included both Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow.  

This was a complex process, with very specific requirements that needed to be met. Approximately 1,000 approval requests come in every year, and each request has 12 steps that need to be completed. 

Two forms were built as part of the project: 

  • Capital Expenditure – Budget Request (required every time) 
  • BioMedical Engineering Validation (required when technical specifications need to be validated) 

A workflow was built to kick off once a completed budget request form was submitted to allow for validation approvals to be delegated, depending on the amount of funds requested.  

A second workflow was built to manage the validation process if there is more than one source of funding per request. This workflow was configured to have the validations run in parallel to make the approval process faster.  

Once budget request approvals are complete, a final workflow is initiated to determine if a biomedical engineering validation is required. If it is required, a second form needs to be filled out to complete the approval process. 

At the conclusion of the workflow process, once all validations have been completed, the data is exported into an ERP system. 

To see the whole process explained by Caroline, watch the full episode here 



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