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When lightning comes after the flash: What Adobe Flash Player end of life means for Nintex Drawloop DocGen® admins and users

In 2017, Adobe announced the end of life for Flash Player on Dec. 31, 2020. Three years later, we’re quickly approaching the Flash Player end of life (EOL) date.

For years, Flash Player powered part of the interface Nintex Drawloop DocGen® admins used to configure hundreds of thousands of documents, but now that time is coming to an end. After December 31, 2020, the legacy document package configuration interface used to select files will no longer load.

No to worry, though. The Flash Player EOL marks an exciting Nintex Drawloop DocGen® update for configuring document packages.

The future of Nintex Drawloop DocGen®

So, what’s changing? How will Nintex Drawloop DocGen® admins configure millions of documents moving forward?

With Lightning, of course! Our Lightning Experience DocGen® Designer, which we lovingly call LEDD, is the new interface and experience for Nintex Drawloop DocGen® admins to configure document packages moving forward.

Out with the old!

Old Flash Player powered interface

In with the new!

New LEDD interface

Beyond configuration, the LEDD interface has consolidated the admin experience to a single screen, so there’s no more need to jump from page to page to perform tasks. This also means that admins will no longer have to frequently enable and re-enable Flash in their browser and any concerns around Flash Player security risks are a thing of the past.

Like many Salesforce admins reading this, you may be thinking, “What does this mean for my end-users of Nintex Drawloop DocGen®?” The simple answer is, nothing!

The process of generating documents has never relied on Adobe Flash Player and will not be impacted at all. This means that your Nintex Drawloop DocGen® users can continue to generate digital documents in whatever interface they currently use with no disruption whatsoever.

Getting ready for the Adobe Flash Player end of life

With only two months left in the calendar year, here are three easy steps that you can take to quickly and easily prepare for the depreciation of Adobe Flash Player:

  1. Update to the current Nintex Drawloop DocGen® package (v16.6) before December 31, 2020.
  2. Test (ideally in sandbox) existing document package configurations within LEDD interface.
  3. Configure your next business-critical use case with Nintex Drawloop DocGen®.

To make sure that every team leveraging Nintex Drawloop DocGen® continues to succeed, here’s a compiled a list of helpful links and resources:



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Chris Mascaro and David Stephen

Chris is a Director of Strategic Alliances at Nintex. In his role, he is dedicated to growing the SalesForce and Nintex business. David is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Nintex, having been with Nintex for over 4 years.

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