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We hit the refresh button on the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery

Spring is a time for renewal, so we’ve taken our Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery and made it even better. As explained at the gallery’s launch in January 2020, for many organizations one of the biggest challenges in process mapping and automation is making a start.

To address that need, we created the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery, allowing our customers and partners to view and download templates for process maps in Nintex Promapp®, automated workflows, RPA Botflows™, and enterprise application connectors, making it quick and easy to embark on their digital transformation journeys.

The templates gallery addresses a fundamental question: What do good processes and workflows look like?

A year after launching the gallery, we’re introducing enhancements to improve the customer experience and offer even more options. Here’s what you need to know.

Who can access the gallery?

The gallery is open for anyone to view potential solutions Nintex can provide. Even if you’re not a Nintex customer, you can see examples of Nintex workflows, process maps, or RPA botflows™ and how Nintex can be used to set up one of those solutions. If you are a Nintex customer already, this is a great way to get introduced to some of our other capabilities.

What’s behind the enhancements?

There were two main catalysts for updating the gallery. The first was to update the UI to follow with our product unification program where we are updating a lot of our applications for more accessible and intuitive UI for Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Customer Central, and Nintex Analytics products.

Because the gallery and the applications are integrated, we wanted to ensure that the look and feel would be cohesive, making for a streamlined experience between the two different applications.

The second catalyst was user feedback that inspired us to improve the customer journey by giving the page a more intuitive design, showing available options to our end users without the need for a constant scroll.

How were the new templates developed?

We work closely with our pre-sales engineering team, who have a great understanding of what our customers want and are able to develop proofs of concept or working models that potential customers may want to use.

Even if they’re building out for specific demos for a certain use case or vertical, the templates are built in a way that they can be applied to various customers and uses. We also use customer ideas to drive new template creation.

How do the enhancements improve the customer journey?  

One change we’re really proud of — and that we’ve seen substantial returns on — is tighter integration with Nintex Workflow Cloud. We’ve included links that take users to the Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow-specific portion of the gallery.

After you click the link, it takes your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant name and performs an auto-import of the desired template into your gallery, so you click through fewer screens, making it much faster for end-users to capture the template they want.

What are the benefits of the gallery to organizations?

One of the great aspects of the gallery for any size company is the ability to shorten the lead time to get a process out the door. If you’re wondering about the capabilities of a basic workflow leave request, for example, the templates can show you what’s possible and some of the thoughts and considerations when building out that process. T

The gallery gives you a baseline understanding and then you can mold that template to meet your customers’ needs.

What are the most popular templates?

Some of our most popular processes relate to onboarding — be it new employee onboarding or vendor onboarding. Though this was the case before COVID-19 too, Nintex wanted to make sure we provided content to help organizations through the pandemic.

We launched an initiative to build out a number of COVID-related workflows. This didn’t just involve office check-ins; we also had a fair number of financial-based workflows, such as loan deferment, a home loan, a personal loan, or auto loan.

In addition, we had a whole host of other workflows for doing Microsoft Teams integration. Our SPA paycheck protection program was another widely-used template along with the essential employee COVID assessment templates.

SharePoint-based solutions are also popular with users, showing hybrid workflows between SharePoint for Office365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

What industries does the gallery benefit most?  

A big plus is that our templates, such as vendor onboarding, leave request approval, or purchase order requests can be used across different industries. We also have some really good financial-based RPA botflows™ that work very well, and that’s partly due to our RPA product being so well connected with financial institutions.

Energy, government, technology, and manufacturing are all industries that have processes that span different departments. One of the key areas where Nintex shines is that we’re not limited to specific scopes. Nintex isn’t a platform that’s built just for one industry; our capabilities can be used across all verticals.



If you’d like to learn more about the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery and what it can do for your organization, get in touch with the team at Nintex today.



Sean Fiene

Nintex Technical Enablement Manager Sean Fiene is a web developer, Nintex Forms specialist, and lover of foods. With over 9 years' experience in SharePoint and Nintex technologies, he's passionate about using workflow automation, forms, and mobile solutions to drive greater productivity and success across industries and business scenarios.

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