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Virtual Nintex Promapp® training and onboarding to support the new normal and remote workplaces

As the world continues to recognize the enormous repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked ourselves early on what we could do to help our customers during these extraordinary and challenging times. Two things that we looked at were our instructor-led virtual classroom training for Nintex Promapp®, Workflow, Forms, DocGen®, and RPA, as well as new customer onboarding for Nintex Promapp®, which is typically conducted in-person.

One of the first actions we took was to deliver our instructor-led training virtually to our global network of Nintex customers and partners, to ensure everyone had the opportunity to continue to grow their process mapping and automation skills to solve their immediate challenges while they work remotely.

New customer onboarding for Nintex Promapp® is traditionally provided onsite for new customers, but that doesn’t work in a remote world. So, our Nintex Customer Success Team took it upon themselves to find a solution that would work well in our current physical-distancing world. And the great thing is that we’ve been able to continue to effectively onboard new customers to Nintex Promapp® virtually while saving them the costs of travel-related expenses.

Adapting to a different world of work

As a Nintex Promapp® specialist I’ve spent considerable time in online training sessions helping customers improve their processes, and as one of Nintex’s senior training delivery managers, I’ve been part of the team leading the charge with Nintex Virtual Instructor-Led Training sessions and our new approach to onboarding.

In effect, we’ve been conducting live training sessions, two hours in duration, based on the material we would normally cover with a single customer. How to create a process and how to use the advanced features of Nintex Promapp® are core examples. We’ve also included pieces on the system administration, on process governance – what it is, why it’s important – and also on configuring customers’ sites and getting them ready for operational use.

There’s also been a change in the mode of delivery for our training delivery managers. Prior to the onset of COVID-19, we spent a great deal of time on the road, visiting customers, and working with their teams. Onboarding training is a vital part of setting customers up for success, by providing a solid foundation of process knowledge and skills for them to draw on. It typically covers everything from setting up and administering the site to key concepts like governance and good process practice.

Although the Virtual Instructor-Led Training program has drawn from this deep well of content, there obviously needed to be a change in how onboarding was approached, too.

This new context required a fresh approach to onboarding exercises. Whereas before COVID-19 we would spend two to three days on-site with a customer, suddenly that was no longer an option. The team was up to the challenge though, taking the existing content and dividing it up into more manageable chunks for online training delivery.

Making material palatable

We knew engagement would be pretty low if we were to sit in front of customers remotely and talk to them for six hours! Instead, the training stretches out over about a week or two – the team tailors that timeframe to the needs and availability of the customer, ensuring that they get the content they need in a schedule that suits them, with shorter, more engaging sessions.

Of course, because we can’t all be in the same room, there is the challenge of keeping people engaged with the learning. We drive the training in an engaging way, so people don’t get bored and tune out by asking questions and getting people to give some feedback. I encourage people to interrupt me with questions. That way we can deal with the question in the context of what we’re looking at, at that particular point.

The same approach is taken in the Virtual Instructor-Led Training sessions. For instance, I’ll do a session on creating a process along with some of the best-practice writing principles on days one and two, and on the third day, we’ll cover the advanced features of the platform.

Casting a wider net

Another advantage of online learning is the ability to easily cater for bigger groups, providing better coverage, and boosting the process improvement initiative for the customer. Because the platform is a cloud-based tool, the instructor and trainees can work seamlessly in the same environment, in real-time.

Training delivery managers can keep track of where our candidates are up to when working in the application because groups use a single dedicated Nintex Promapp® site for practicing their process exercises, which gives the facilitator a birds-eye-view of what everyone is doing.

The result of these new approaches is a breadth of training opportunities that directly meet customers’ needs. Onboarding has been delivered during a period when a number of our customers have been a little fragmented due to their remote working arrangements.

By breaking down the existing training materials, the team has been able to make the most of the few hours that people are able to set aside and provide real value during it. For teams that are working remotely due to COVID-19 or adjusting to new structures, it’s a perfect way to accelerate their process management programs without worrying about location and logistics.

While there’s still a place for face-to-face training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training has proven to be a very viable alternative for the world we find ourselves in today. For me personally, it really comes down to the opportunity to give something back at a time when organizations can do with a little more certainty.



Contact Nintex if you want to learn more about onboarding for your team or take advantage of the Virtual Instructor-Led Training of Nintex Promapp® for your organization.



Howard Follas

Howard Follas is a Senior Training Delivery Manager based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has worked for Nintex – initially Promapp - for five years and has been operationally using, improving with and training the Nintex Promapp® product for more than 10 years.

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