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Getting even more value from Office 365

For your business to remain agile and competitive, it’s essential to continuously explore new and better ways to maximize your IT system investments.

If your business is currently using Office 365, you may be tempted to roll it out, relax, and let Microsoft take it from there. Many organizations do. Unfortunately, this strategy fails to maximize the many elements in this robust suite of Office products. Likewise, organizations often never realize there are other tools that can be used to optimize Office 365.

Get more value from Office 365 with process automation

Incorporating process automation is a great way to optimize processes and get more value from Office 365 while staying within that familiar environment.

Connect content, apps and data

A process automation solution that works with Office 365 allows you to integrate the business applications, cloud services and content that your workers use every day. Connecting business applications and syncing important systems improves the overall agility of your workflows.

Connecting the tools your employees use across your business means you streamline tasks and save time for everyone involved.

Reduce information silos

Information silos are a problem in many businesses. When data isn’t available to everyone who needs it, a company’s ability to communicate and collaborate effectively is disrupted. Important opportunities — such as making a sale or improving the customer experience — is often missed.

By automating business processes, you make it easier to break down information silos and connect information among the different applications your employees use.

Boost productivity

Automated processes boost overall productivity among your teams. Streamlining workflow processes saves time and reduces errors. Employees work faster and smarter, delivering better results.

By digitizing and automating business processes, it’s possible to improve efficiency, drive digital transformation and achieve thousands of hours of improved productivity every year. This frees up time for your employees to focus on more value-adding tasks and processes.

Optimize business processes

Having a process automation solution in place also helps optimize your business processes, which keeps things running smoothly across your Office 365 environment. Process intelligence tools help you identify process inefficiencies, giving you actionable insights to optimize your Office 365 platform.

Process automation also allows you to connect and develop your organization’s processes. This connectivity helps break down any blockades that exist between the processes and people your business relies on.

Nintex for Office 365 works as hard as you

Nintex wanted to highlight the value that Nintex for Office 365 brings to our customers. So we commissioned Forrester to research The Total Economic Impact of Nintex for Office 365. Forrester noted an ROI of 324% and more than 40,000 hours of increased productivity from Nintex for Office 365.

“We can do so much with Nintex for Office 365… we can get to a proof of concept in less than an hour. The accelerated time to benefit is a huge value add that Nintex brings to the table.”

Brett Ellis, IT Enterprise Services Manager, Buckman

There are many benefits to using Office 365 in your business. With the Nintex Platform, it’s possible to elevate your Office 365 use to the next level. Connect teams and processes across your business with Nintex for Office 365 and enjoy the benefits that come with integrated workflow tools, streamlined procedures and intelligent insights into your Office 365 experience. That’s the Nintex difference.


To find out more about Nintex for Office 365 and how process automation can help your business digitally transform, get in touch with us at Nintex today. You can download Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study here for more detail about the findings.


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