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Using eSignature in your human resources department

In June this year, we’ll celebrate the one-year anniversary of our acquisition of AssureSign and its powerful eSignature capabilities. Nintex AssureSign® is now integrated with Nintex Workflow Cloud and Nintex Drawloop®, bringing native eSignature capabilities to our customers and partners.

In this new blog series, we’ll explore opportunities for eSignature across various lines of business. Starting with one that most employees would agree is ripe for automation and the implementation of eSignature: human resources.

For many of us, when we think of HR, we think of paperwork. With having to manage admin-intensive tasks, documents, and files, it’s no surprise that digitizing HR processes makes life easier for both the employees and HR staff.

Let’s take a look at some of the common ways businesses use eSignature in their HR departments:


Did you know that the average employee must sign three documents during the onboarding process, and complete 41 administrative tasks? If you are doing this process manually, your HR team will spend literally hours ensuring that each new employee has:

  • Signed all necessary forms and contracts
  • Received IT logins
  • Gone through welcome training
  • Reviewed all information on staff benefits
  • Submitted bank details
  • And much more

If this process is completed manually, there’s a high chance that progress will be disrupted, or the new employee forgets to fill in all the required forms.

By implementing a process management solution, with a native eSignature solution like Nintex AssureSign®, HR can eliminate risks of human error and reduce the time taken to manually solicit these signatures. They can dynamically create and automate documents needed for signature, and trigger workflow actions before and after obtaining a signature to keep the onboarding processes moving forward.

The fact that a smooth onboarding experience is reported to improve employee retention by 82% and productivity by over 70% is not lost on organizations that find themselves fighting to attract and retain top talent.

Acknowledgment statements

To ensure your employees read and understand your policies, they are required to sign various acknowledgments, such as the employee handbook. If these documents are signed and filed manually, HR staff must undergo the tedious process of manually verifying they were completed correctly and are in compliance with the policies in place within the organization.

By leveraging automation and Nintex AssureSign® your HR department can ensure documents are saved to a central repository, allowing for quick file retrieval and a digital audit trail which makes staying compliant easy.


Paper timesheets can often result in hours not being tracked or entered accurately due to human error – which can create painful payroll discrepancies. Ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time, is one of the base necessities of business, and ensuring that employees remain happy.

Instead of a manual error-prone system, an automated process leveraging Nintex Workflow Cloud to capture employees’ time logs and then digital sign-off with Nintex AssureSign® could help ensure that HR never has a payroll discrepancy again.

A paperless human resources department

eSignature and automated HR systems have the power to win back hours of time for the human resources department.

Rather than spending significant amounts of time every week processing manual forms, completing repetitive data entry, or tracking down physical signatures, your HR department can invest that time engaging with employees and making your company a better place to work.



Want to try out Nintex AssureSign® for yourself? Click here to request a free trial.



Maddie Forman

Maddie is a Marketing Coordinator for Nintex based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She joined the Nintex Corporate Marketing and Communications team following the acquisition of AssureSign. Maddie assists in managing Nintex’s social media, creating design assets, and producing customer evidence content.

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