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Using eSignature in schools

It’s August, which means it’s back-to-school season for millions of kids, teachers, and parents. Ahhh yes, another summer fades and the school year begins—a transition that’s spanned decades. Students heading back to school is nothing new, but many of the processes inside their classrooms will be!

In recent years, many classrooms across the world have digitally transformed what were formerly paper-based processes. From take-home forms to homework, teachers and schools are digitizing many classroom processes with eSignature:

  1. Permission Slips: A forgotten permission slip is an all too common classroom dilemma. Even if the form’s signed and ready to go, it doesn’t do much good sitting on the kitchen table as the first morning bell rings. With eSign, teachers can send digital slips to be signed and automatically returned. What’s more, automated reminders to parents once the slip is sent via email make incomplete permission slips and forms a thing of the past.
  2. Student Enrollment: This year, skip the thousands of papers and dozens of papercuts when enrolling the student body! When students are enrolled via eSign, it saves your staff their time, energy, and fingertips!
  3. Activity Payments: Together with MagTek (Magensa), Nintex AssureSign® brings ePayment to the classroom! Parents and/or students can pay for activities like field trips, book fairs, uniform purchasing, and more… all from their favorite digital device!
  4. Educational Forms: 504s, IEPs, and other critical educational documents can be completed by administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders via eSign. No more missing signatures or misplaced forms! You can even choose the order in which all parties must sign!
  5. Class Assessments/Surveys: Use eSignature to create surveys or assessments for students or parents to complete. Easily send and receive these forms for recipients to complete—no pencil required!
  6. Department and School-Wide Communication: Gone are the never-ending chain emails purposed with aiding communication yet end up confusing more than informing recipients. Administrators can leverage eSign to disseminate important information on upcoming events and initiatives. Staff have the opportunity to review and sign forms, allowing schools to exercise greater accountability.

These are just a few of the ways schools can leverage Nintex AssureSign®’s eSignature to accelerate and digitize many of its current processes! And after you’ve implemented eSign into your school, the benefits begin instantly:

  1. Increased focus on students and learning: By freeing staff and students of tedious paperwork and slow turnaround times, the focus can remain where it belongs…teaching and learning.
  2. Effortless FERPA compliance: Because Nintex AssureSign® is a FERPA compliant provider, you never have to worry about student data becoming vulnerable or exposed.
  3. Greater efficiency: You’ll notice things beginning to move a lot quicker inside your halls after implementing eSign (but hopefully not your students).



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