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Using documents in Nintex Promapp®: The added extra for your processes

A key purpose of capturing business processes is to secure all the relevant information about how things are done so that valuable knowledge assets aren’t difficult to find or lost when staff move on. They provide a one-stop reference point not just for “what” needs to be done, but often for the “why” and “how,” too.

However, to keep processes effective and engaging, you want to avoid overwhelming users with detail. In order to keep process maps easy to digest, that vital information needs to be incorporated in another way. That’s where attaching documents can come in.

Nintex Promapp® allows users to upload or link documents into processes to provide supporting information alongside the procedures captured in the process map. They provide a wealth of extra detail available on the same page, ensuring nothing is lost without burying the process in complexity.

5 types of documents

By default, Nintex Promapp® categorizes documents into five types:

  • Policies contain approved rules or legislative requirements that support why a process step exists or what the relevant standards are.
  • Forms are documents to be completed, or templates for information to be captured in the process.
  • Guides give additional granular information, usually step-by-step instructions with tips on using equipment or systems.
  • Training materials provide the foundational knowledge required for a step, or resources to prepare staff for the process.
  • Images are pictorial evidence or illustrations that help explain how to complete a task or perform an action.
  • Information covers other documents that might not fit another category but support understanding the process.
  • Video allows for short clips that demonstrate process activities or provide further information.

Most of those designations can also be customized to suit your organization’s requirements. If you are unlikely to utilize training documents but need to keep copies of relevant legislative requirements with the process, you can rename the document type to suit. This ensures your document library perfectly fits your organization and processes.

Organize your documents within your processes

Nintex Promapp® can house the documents internally alongside your processes, or link to them in your existing network or online storage system. This means there’s no need to shift important documentation to make it available to process users, and the same document can be shared across multiple processes or process groups by assigning secondary or tertiary process groups.

Tracking the various documents is easy with document tags, allowing users to custom-tag each one according to their purpose, process, business group, location or any other designation that helps users locate them efficiently.

When those documents do need revision or replacing, it’s easy enough to update them with revised versions. The document history keeps a record of the change, including who updated it and when, as well as an archived copy of the previous iteration for reference. At any point in time, the previous versions are available, so nothing is lost across the evolution of the process.

Collaborate, share, redline, and approve

Sharing those documents is also simplified within Nintex Promapp® by means of mini-mode links. Whether it’s a standard terms and conditions document attached to a sales process or a leave form included in the leave application procedure, users can pass them on to others inside or outside the organization through the custom links generated by the system, without worrying about the source document being altered or lost.

Document reviews can be enabled to ensure the documentation keeps pace with the evolution of your processes. Just as process owners are engaged in keeping the procedures under their care up to date, document owners will be prompted to assess and sign off on the documentation they’re responsible for to ensure it’s still relevant.

If you need greater control over how and when documents are included and updated, there’s also the option to enable document approval. This works much the same way as process approvals, ensuring that the nominated stakeholders are alerted when a document is added or changed, and holding it for approval by the appropriate users.

Submitted documents don’t become “live” and available to general users until they’re fully approved, ensuring complete version control and management of the information that is published.

Nintex Promapp® makes processes accessible to everyone in your organization — not just easy to find, but simple to understand and engage with through clean, clear process maps. Adding documents ensures that even the most straightforward process can contain all the important details without overwhelming users. Nothing gets lost, and you have all the relevant information in the right place, available to the people that need it.


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