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Using Automation Software for Event Management to End Confusion

Events are a big part of the technology industry.

Staying on top of emerging trends, understanding what your customers are excited about, networking opportunities, and getting ‘face time’ with potential clients and current stakeholders in your business are all important reasons to attend many different types of events: from large scale conferences to intimate seminars. Whether you’re planning on attending a number of events this year or hosting your own and inviting the ‘movers and shakers’ of your industry to come join you, there are multiple aspects regarding organization that you will need to complete – automation software for event management will make your job a lot easier.

Let’s look at the key moving parts in event planning—from resource management and booking travel to managing the PR related to the event—and reveal how automation in the right areas can make your process much more efficient. Leaving you more time to concentrate on all those important networking opportunities!

Event Management Skills

Event management brings together several important business management and organizational skills that affect the outcome of numerous types of business meetings.

What may first come to mind when thinking of event management is likely the big events: the large expos, conventions, company-wide gatherings, AGMs, etc. But event management is just as crucial for meetings on a smaller scale: think customer/client catchups, single day seminars or workshops. Whatever the scale, the principles of good event management remain the same. And the automation opportunities exist across the spectrum. Below are a number of areas where great automation could save you time and other important resources.

Resource Management

Speaking of resources, when resource management comes up we often think about HR: the hiring and training of employees and how to get the most from them. Within the world of event management, resource management is also vital.

As an event manager, your job is about getting the right people in the right positions to make the planning and execution of your company’s event the best and most efficient it can be. With the right automation software and tools, you can make sure everyone knows their jobs and task list by setting it so they must respond to certain triggers as part of a workflow. This way, you can be very specific in your organization so that the right employees are in the right place to make the biggest impact.

By automating certain tasks, you will also free up these important stakeholders so they can bring even more of their skills ‘to the table’, ensuring you have everything you need to make your event a success.

Manage Your Registrations

In the past, the whole process of managing event registrations was manual and relied on a member of your team replying to registrants, logging them into Excel spreadsheets, setting a reminder to email them two weeks before the event, and then spending additional time emailing them. Additionally, the data compiled about event attendees must be collected, and resources provided for the correct number of attendees.

Tedious, manual processing takes your important people away from more valuable work. Also, there is a higher chance of error, be it misplaced details, wrong email addresses, or forgetting to process correctly. Altogether, a lot of work.

Business process automation, whether it’s HR functions, marketing or anything else, is about improving your company’s efficiency, as well as consistency, avoiding human error and making your workflows perform better. An automated workflow is, therefore, perfect for your event’s registration process.

There are several processes involved when a current or prospective customer registers for your event. These can be broken down into several steps:

  1. Begin with a trigger point – say, when a user registers with their email address or clicks a link in their browser.
  2. A response is then needed from you – you need to reply with an email thanking them and providing more information.
  3. Next, you add the registrant to the list of attendees – who will, at some point down the line, be sent a reminder/a ticket/further event details.

Managing Marketing for the Event 

No matter the size of the event you are managing, there is a lot of preparation that goes into making it a success (not to mention some luck).

Marketing also will be a major focus in your event preparation. In fact, it’s easy to get swamped by your marketing intentions, and this can eat up your time, resources and cause you to go over budget. These risks come from the time spent in event preparation and event follow-up. This is where event management automation comes in. By automating your pre-event communications, you can reach a lot more people (and potential customers) to let them know the details of the event and why they should attend.


  • Segment your emails blasts, targeting specific groups with a specific message – by location, for example
  • Schedule pre-event messages along a timeline to be sent automatically at the perfect time

During the event:

  • Set up a landing page to collect prospective customer information before, during and after the event – automation means you don’t need to manually input information from handwritten forms or hold on to hundreds of business cards
  • Auto-respond to submitted forms and other email correspondence during the event


  • Automatically follow up with leads
  • Set up a lead-nurturing track: some leads will be ready to buy, some will need more cultivation
  • Easily keep tabs on your event ROI

Simple is Better

These are just some of the examples where the use of automation software for event management can make a real difference.

Nintex—with our easy, drag-and-drop workflow and content automation platform—gives your business an expert workflow solution without the need for IT professionals or weeks of time. Automating your business processes with Nintex is simple and can easily be led by your event management team.

So, whether it’s an event that you’ve been building towards all year or a monthly seminar that needs a quick turnaround, Nintex helps you automate your processes and makes for superior communication and collaboration with all the relevant parties.


To find out more about how Nintex can help your business become more efficient and keep on top of your company’s events this year, contact us today.

Kim Albrecht

Nintex Vice President of Corporate Marketing Kim Albrecht is responsible for digital and email marketing, brand management, and event planning at Nintex, including demand generation strategies, Nintex web properties, public relations, analyst relations, brand and corporate events. Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and an MBA from North Dakota State University.

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