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Process improvement – quantify the value delivered with Nintex Promapp®

In successful businesses, continuous improvement is part of the organization’s culture, not just a program or bullet point on the company’s values poster. It’s part of the very DNA of how the organization runs, and permeates the attitudes of business teams at every level, in all that they do.

A perpetual focus on process excellence contributes significantly to the momentum of any company, but tracking that velocity is sometimes harder to do. While there is always anecdotal evidence of the importance of capturing and managing business processes, management needs solid metrics to justify the effort made, and quantifiable outcomes to maintain enthusiasm both in those who make it happen, and those who sponsor it.

Nintex Promapp® is the process management tool that teams love to use, and it makes it easy to track just how effective your continuous improvement efforts are. There are several key features that help identify where savings and improvements are being made, and quantify their value to the organization.

See the difference

Nintex Promapp® tracks the changes in your processes, between each revision. When a new process version is published, the old content is far from lost. In fact, seeing how it has developed is just a few clicks away.

The ‘Highlight Changes’ feature under the ‘cog’ menu allows a user to see at a glance where changes have been made between the current process and the last-published version. Additions are highlighted in green, and deletions in red. With this view active, the improvements are easy to grasp and review.

But many processes go through more than one revision, and this is where Nintex Promapp®’s version history becomes invaluable. While the ‘Highlight Changes’ view can show recent changes, the version history found in the Change Log lets users review earlier versions of the process as full documents.

Use Nintex Promapp® to see process improvement at work

Just by clicking on the process version number, users can see the process as it was at that point in time. This allows for a careful analysis of how things were done versus how they are done now and gives all the details of the previous iterations, so there’s no guesswork over where improvements have been made.

If recent changes have somehow strayed from optimal performance, the ‘restore’ button allows the process to be reverted to one of the previous states.

Use Nintex Promapp® to see process improvement at work

Follow the changes

It’s one thing to know that processes are evolving, but it can be helpful to understand which processes are changing, and why. That’s where Nintex Promapp® reports can help.

Each process tracks the feedback that users lodge, and allows stakeholders to respond, capturing the improvement conversation within the process documentation itself. While this is useful content, the Process Feedback Report collates that information into a single report, showing which processes have had suggestions submitted, when, and how many responses have been made.

Use Nintex Promapp® to see process improvement at work

In one document, process experts can see the active life of process improvement across groups and divisions within the company.

The partner to this is the Process Change Log report, which captures when changes are saved to any process and records the comments made by those who have done the editing. It provides a snapshot of which processes have been updated within your process library and the key reasons for those improvements.

Measure the improvement

While seeing where changes have occurred is valuable for operational review, understanding the significance of those changes is important for proving the value of process improvement.

When users set up roles in Nintex Promapp®, they have the option of assigning a cost value to them. As processes are built and those roles assigned, Nintex Promapp® takes the time allocated and calculates out the applicable cost of the process, both in time and money. This cost includes both active execution time and the waiting time that inevitably occurs when process steps move between functions or teams.

The Cost and Time Savings Reports take this information and compare it across process versions, providing simple and clear evidence of the value of every process improvement. Where time has been saved, and consequently staff effort, that efficiency is visible in financial terms, providing tangible support for continuous improvement.

Value process excellence

Continuous improvement is a direction, not a goal. Maintaining the enthusiasm and executive support that such a long-term strategy requires isn’t always easy. Nintex Promapp® puts the tools in the hands of teams, managers, and process experts to demonstrate the impact of great process management, as well as give them visible and valuable measures to prove its worth across the organization.



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Thomas Kohlenbach

Thomas Kohlenbach is a senior product specialist at Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation. He has over 12 years’ experience implementing initiatives related to continuous improvement (Kaizen/Six Sigma), change management and system integration, across automotive and financial services industries. Thomas is a passionate business improvement advocate who has helped organizations around the world to decrease operational costs and drive cultural change.

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