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University College Digitizes its Payroll and Expense Processes

Nintex recently published a whitepaper, Automating Education: Workflow automation’s impact in universities, where we identified seven processes that can benefit from workflow automation technology within a higher education institution, including administration and human resource (HR) management.

We also recognize that it is common for educational institutions, especially those with flat or shrinking budgets, to struggle to keep up with the growing expectations of tech-savvy students and faculty.

However, by effectively automating key processes within a university, everyone can prosper.

Let’s look at how one Nintex customer in the field of education, University College (UCC), has done just that. UCC has successfully put workflow automation technology to work to benefit its students, proctors, and administrative staff.

To learn more about how UCC is transforming its administrative process with the Nintex Platform, read the case study.

Process Efficiency in Higher Education

University College provides academic, vocational, and professional development courses to more than 16,000 full and part-time students. With 14 locations in the greater Copenhagen Area and more than 800 employees, reaching efficiency and budget goals was an ongoing struggle.

The university’s HR department couldn’t keep up with its manual and paper-based payroll and expense processes.

One of the most challenging aspects was the process for submitting timesheets and expense reports for its proctor staff members. These employees were required to complete paper timesheets and expense reports that were then routed by hand to managers for approval. Once approved, the timesheets were sent to HR and manually inputted into UCC’s payroll system.

The existing process resulted in various inefficiencies including data input errors and delays in issuing proctor employee paychecks.

UCC’s Head of Human Resources Frank Güsmer knew they needed to implement a solution to address these issues. However, UCC lacked an extensive budget or the technical resources to implement a solution on its own.

Assignment: Successfully Automate Payroll and Expense Processes

Güsmer turned to UCC’s IT partner, ProActive, for help.

UCC had already invested in Microsoft SharePoint but didn’t have a suitable automated workflow solution. ProActive introduced UCC to the Nintex Platform and showed the university how it could utilize Nintex within its existing SharePoint environment to address business needs.

With Nintex, proctor employees now easily input their own payroll and expense data, which is then sent to the employee’s manager automatically for approval. Once approved, the expense report is automatically routed and payment is inputted into UCC’s payroll system – eliminating all paper-based and manual processes.

The Nintex solution dramatically improves efficiency and data accuracy, while also ensuring that the University’s hourly employees are paid and reimbursed faster. (See how Hamra Enterprises also implemented a Nintex solution to automate its timesheet processes.)

“Today our HR and accounting administrators can spend more time on business-critical activities rather than chasing paperwork,” adds Güsmer.

Grade: A, for Accuracy and Improved Efficiency

UCC’s fully digitized payroll and expense processes provide better insight into timesheet and expense submissions resulting in fewer support inquiries. Now proctor staff know when their hours or expenses are approved and submitted for payment without having to ask payroll for an update.

Overall, the Nintex solution has reduced payroll administrative costs, eliminated the need for manual data entry, improved data quality, and decreased support inquiries by 20 percent.

Learn more about UCC’s Nintex solution by reading the case study.


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