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Turning up the heat with the Nintex Platform

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), the world’s fourth-largest fire and rescue service, delivers front-line services from three hubs across North, West, and East Scotland. In addition to preventing and controlling fires, the SFRS aim to improve the safety of communities and staff, provide more equitable access to fire and rescue services, improve outcomes through partnerships, and maintain a culture of continuous improvement. 

New data shows that the time spent battling wildfires in Scotland has increased 750% in the last decade.  

“They definitely are going up,” said SFRS area manager Bruce Farquharson. “There are a number of reasons. Some of it is climate change. In fact, I would say a lot of it is climate change. We’re getting colder, drier winters and warmer springs. All that contributes to the ideal condition for wildfires in Spring.” 

As SFRS finds themselves especially busy fighting the growing number of wildfires, the job doesn’t stop there. In addition, SFRS must respond to various other types of emergencies, including traffic collisions, rope rescue, water rescue, and help partner agencies. The organization has a staff of about 8,000. Of those, some 3,400 people are on-call (known as Retained Duty Service) staff and volunteers, many located in remote and rural areas of the country. 

Scottish Fire and Rescue empowers employees with digital transformation 

Across Scotland’s 247 fire stations, RDS crew members were logging their service hours on paper forms, with the data later entered in Excel. From there, staff members would determine pay calculations, bank holiday payments, and verify crew data. These were time-consuming, manual processes that wasted time and left room for error. Each year, station managers, watch managers, and the payroll team were handling more than 3,000 spreadsheets. 

In 2016, the Scottish Government published their Digital Strategy, setting out plans for how digital technologies should be at the heart of everything they do in order to deliver inclusive economic growth, reform public services, and prepare children for the workplaces of the future. The plan stresses a culture and environment of partnership and collective action.  

SFRS sought help in their digital transformation journey from Nintex Partner Synergi to design and build a new timesheet and payroll system for its Scottish Fire and Rescue staff, built on Nintex for Office 365. The organization was already using Nintex for its community safety enforcement and community engagement processes and knew it could provide a solution to their current challenge. 

The solution was a mobile app that enabled watch managers and officers in charge to quickly record hours for their crews in attendance and add any remote crew as needed. Advanced workflows on the Nintex Platform support the entire timesheet process and allow managers, admins, and the RDS crew to spend more time on their core mission. 

Since the system went live in June of 2018, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has saved over 10,000 hours of manual work per year. Best of all, station and payroll managers are freed from tedious Excel data manipulation while improving accuracy and visibility on payroll data. 


Read the complete case study to learn more about how SFRS has transformed its payroll process with Nintex. 


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