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Top 4 reasons eSign Gets “many thanks”

It’s that time of year again. Football, family gatherings, a few days off, food… all define the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday.

Another common practice around this time of year… giving thanks!

Whether it’s friends, family, a great job, or a pumpkin spice latte, there’s common ground in having something to be thankful for.

When we think about what we’re thankful for, the answer is simple… our customers, partners, and of course our team! We have a great portfolio of people we work with, and for that… we are very thankful!

We’re also grateful for what attracts industry leaders to Nintex AssureSign®! We work hard to deliver solutions that align with both our own mission and with that of our partners.

The result: a product that adds value to the bottom line of nearly every business… including our own!

Nintex AssureSign® leverages the power of eSignature daily to make the process of sending and signing documents faster and more efficient, and for that, we’re thankful!

While it would be easy for us to tell you why we’re thankful for a product that improves every aspect of our workflows… we wanted to know what makes our partners and customers thankful for eSignature. Knowing how eSign best advances your bottom line allows us to continue making a product that surpasses expectations.

So we asked, “why are you thankful for eSignature?”

Here’s what you told us:

Top 4 reasons eSign gets “Many Thanks”

1. Cost

“It’s absolutely worth the investment…”

– Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

Extraneous costs are nearly eliminated after implementing eSignatures. Paper, shipping, printing… all necessary expenditures when utilizing paper contracts. eSignature eliminates these extraneous costs, saving companies hundreds to thousands of dollars every fiscal year.

2. Integrations

“It doesn’t take me long to get excited about something that helps me sell, and Nintex AssureSign® definitely has…”


Integrating eSignatures with popular CRMs like Dynamics 365 and Salesforce enables end-to-end transactions to be completed inside one environment! What’s more, companies like PowerObjects can integrate their own SaaS solutions with the closing authority of eSignature to bring highly functional and capable products to consumers.

3. Mobility

“… texting, e-signature, drip campaigns help us stay on top of our clients and grow our business…”

– EZ Lynx

Versatility and mobility make electronic signatures an attractive option when looking to win the affection of your consumer. Innovative technology like Nintex AssureSign®’s SMS/text message signing functionality affords consumers with a quick and seamless signing process, one that significantly boosts completion rates for businesses like yours.

4. Simplicity

“We needed an electronic signature partner that deploys easily, is simple to use, and offers responsive customer service—that’s why we chose Nintex AssureSign®…”

– Captorra

The functional and intuitive ‘drag and drop’ design of our eSign platform rewards users with a time sensitive, stress-free document generation process. When we designed our interface, we did so with your experience top of mind. Using tools like Jotblock Validators to prefill documents with customer information or Templates to easily send frequently used documents makes navigating our platform effortless.

These may be the top reasons from some of our customers for much eSign love, but the uniqueness of your business and market could leave you with a host of others!



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