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Top 10 IT Pro Challenges Nintex Will Address at Microsoft Ignite

Nintex is honored to once again sponsor Microsoft Ignite this year. As our team is gearing up to head to Orlando, we’re excited to connect with as many IT professionals as possible to help them address many of the big challenges their company’s face in this age of digital transformation.

Learn why Digital Transformation plans are falling short, in Nintex’s latest research “The State of IPA Study,” available for download here.

Nintex is committed to delivering no-code process automation solutions that are fast and easy to use—which will help every IT professional in his and her never-ending quest to provide their teams with the best systems and tools possible to digitize processes (workflows, forms, mobile apps, and more) and to beat the competition.

In prep for Microsoft Ignite, we’ve outlined 10 top challenges facing IT today, and how the Nintex Platform can be used to solve business pain points.

1.  Empowering the Line of Business

With more and more Ops professionals bringing in their own software solution of the week, lines of business can easily become a minefield of ‘Shadow IT’ practices. But this doesn’t mean IT’s role should be diminished – quite the opposite.

With Nintex, IT can provide a way to get these software solutions working together to break down app silos and provide real business value.

2.  Improving the End Customer Experience

This tenet is quickly becoming a cornerstone for most companies on the path to digital transformation. While CX has not historically been IT’s responsibility, they may be more poised than ever to become the driver of this effort by introducing an IPA solution.

Make sure to join our Ignite session ‘Evolve Your Organization Without Code Through Intelligent Process Automation,’ where Nintex Technical Evangelist Terry Simpson and I will be showing how an approach using intelligent process automation can be a game-changer in any company’s end-customer experience.

3.  Providing Simple Tools for a Sophisticated Businesses

This is perhaps one of the most popular requests made of IT. The line of business wants simple, easy to use tools, but they need them to handle sophisticated processes.

As we’ve discovered over the years, the majority of sophisticated business-wide processes don’t need complex, developer heavy solutions. They simply need a user-friendly, no code automation platform designed to handle any process.

4.  Generating Revenue

IT is often seen as simply a cost center – a necessary support mechanism designed to keep the profit-driving machine running.

But we see IT differently. We the possibility for IT to have a tremendous and direct impact on the bottom line. In our Ignite session, Terry and I will explain how IT can directly drive sales by helping to increase the total capacity of the sales team.

5.  Leveraging AI Technology Effectively

AI is becoming increasingly pervasive in our personal lives, which puts pressure on IT to incorporate these systems as agents of change throughout the workplace.  The challenge, of course, is that robotic process automation (RPA) and other machine intelligence capabilities are investments, and often still require a lot of manual support to achieve business value.

At Ignite, we’ll be talking about Workflow as a ServiceTM, the use of embedded workflows to help create orchestration among AI systems.

6.  Moving To the Cloud…Without Disruption

Trying to leverage both the security of on-premises and the agility of the cloud?  We’ve got you covered!

We’ll be talking a lot at Ignite about hybrid workflows, a key capability of the Nintex Platform that allows our customers to connect these two deployments, and automate processes that rely on both.

7.  Supporting the Software Carousel

Some departments in the modern workplace (I’m looking at you, Marketing…) seem to be in a constant state of flux, adding and removing their systems of record. That’s why we aren’t in the business of heavy code integrations that need to be ripped out when a system changes.

In our booth at Ignite, we’ll demonstrate how the Nintex Platform is specifically designed for a world where ‘system of record’ will continue to be a moving target for organizations. No-code workflow deployment means no code to remove and replace later, just swap out a connector and you’re on your way.

8.  Supporting Entrenched Systems

On the other side of the ‘system carousel’ coin, of course, are those systems that are so entrenched within the business that replacing them is considered a massive undertaking that is resisted by internal stakeholders.

Upgrading legacy systems may be inevitable for the future, but your organization needs to function and find efficiencies today.  At Ignite, we’ll be demonstrating how hybrid workflows and component workflows help to automate and optimize processes, even when those legacy systems are a vital piece of the puzzle.

9.  Providing Visibility

Having disparate systems of record can lead to a lack of visibility into how the business is running. IT is often asked to provide that ‘one dashboard to rule them all’, but it’s nearly impossible in today’s workplace.

Nintex’s Process Intelligence takes a unique approach to visualizing metrics, providing transparency into the everyday movement of processes, people, teams, documents, and much more.

10.  Helping the Whole Business to Digitally Transform

IT is increasingly under pressure to streamline very specific processes that are at the heart of each organization’s operations. Whether it’s clinical trials in the pharmaceutical and medical industries; compliant onboarding in banking; emergency response; claims management; or advanced equipment service, there are innumerable processes that fuel each industry.

In our Ignite session, ‘Intelligent Process Automation Speed Round: 15 Relevant Use Cases in 15 Minutes!,’ we will address many of these industry-specific use cases and how we help IT pros to create efficiencies in these processes.



Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis is a Director of Product Marketing for Nintex. Based in our Bellevue, WA, office, Mike brings 13 years of experience in product management and technical marketing to the role.

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