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Tools that make working remotely a breeze

In today’s technology-driven business world, accessing information and communicating with colleagues is easier than ever before. Thanks to these advances in technology, professionals can communicate with coworkers and clients and bring on talent to work with teams from anywhere in the world.

With this constant accessibility and workplace flexibility comes the need for uniform processes and tools that maximize productivity. In order to make communication with in-house and remote employees as effective as possible, there are certain types of tools that should be implemented. Because there are plenty of communication tools on the market to choose from, we’ve outlined those that will take your productivity to the next level.

From streamlining workflow to implementing a reliable phone system, these are the tools that your company simply can’t afford to overlook, especially when considering your remote workforce.

Streamline workflow processes

With team members working from around the globe, it can be difficult and slow to collectively visualize, collaborate, and get approval on vital documents. To help streamline your workflow processes, it’s essential to leverage workflow management tools.

Process collaboration and automation technology allow your team to conceptualize, visualize, generate, e-sign and store the documents that make up your workflow – all in one platform. This will allow your team to improve turnaround and deployment times on all projects, even when your field workers are in remote locations.

Take your phone lines digital

When implementing a remote workforce, one key to success is keeping all of your tools in the same place. One of the most effective tools you can leverage to digitally transform are digital company phone lines. Rather than sending a traditional phone line service into all remote employees’ homes, opt for Voice over IP, which can be installed to their laptops from anywhere.

Not only will this get your employees up and running quickly and easily, but also it will save your company installation and service fees while creating the ability to scale as your company grows. Other benefits of digitizing phone lines include the ability to take phone calls from anywhere with a WiFi connection and the implementation of supplemental tools such as extension dialing and auto attendant.

Simplify project management

To help keep all employees—both remote and in-office—up to date on the progress of all projects, utilize project management tools. These tools enable your team to keep communication, tasks, and project updates in one unified place while allowing you to assign tasks to different team members. Not only can you utilize these tools to keep everyone on the same page, but you can also use them to make meetings more efficient.

Facilitate constant communication

Because many remote employees struggle with a lack of communication flow, the implementation of chat tools is crucial. More casual tools, such as instant messaging platforms, provide remote employees with a channel to stay in contact with their team at all times. These tools increase comfortability, familiarity, and personal connection with team members you don’t see in the office every day.

Not only is there this personal benefit to chat tools, but also they can minimize unnecessary emails, confusion, and uncertainty by facilitating question-asking and immediate responses.

Utilize video chat

While the use of the chat tools mentioned above is often great, sometimes face-to-face contact is necessary. It’s no secret that nonverbal communication tells a bigger story than verbal communication alone, and video conferencing is a great way to bridge the gap.

Rather than losing half of the story on the phone with remote employees, consider video conferencing to gather genuine reactions and feelings through body language. One added benefit of video chatting includes gaining back lost time crafting emails or chats, which allows your team to dedicate more time to the overarching task at hand.


Utilize these tools (and more) to keep your remote workforce connected to your in-office team to ensure that your business is working as efficiently as possible. With all of the options out there, it can be difficult to navigate the market, and using this guide as a starting point can ease that decision-making process.

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