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4 Tips for crafting a winning Nintex Solution Innovation Awards Nomination

Have you started writing your submission for the 2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards? Nominations opened February 4 and continue through March 20.

These awards are your chance to be recognized for your accomplishments over the past year with Nintex.

Nominations are open to any public or private sector organization that uses Nintex, whether that’s a single Nintex capability or a combination of capabilities including Nintex Promapp®, Nintex RPA®, Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce, Sign powered by Adobe Sign, Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, and Nintex Mobile.

The nomination process is easy: We want to know who you are, what capabilities you’re using, how you’re using them, and why. You can download a copy of the nomination form to draft your nomination here.

Here are our top 4 tips for writing a great Nintex Solution Innovation Award entry.

Tip #1: Introduce your role and your organization

To truly understand your Nintex innovation and success story, we need to understand you and your organization.

Tell us about your role and how you came to be involved in this project. Have you used Nintex products before? Are you part of the IT team or are you a self-taught Nintex user in a different part of the business?

Every organization also has unique considerations for evaluating and implementing software solutions. Include yours in your nomination. Tell us about your organization, industry, region, size, etc. Does your company have to comply with certain industry standards or regulations? Are there country requirements that need to be meet?

Providing background on your role, how you were involved in the project, and your organization will help us better understand the solution and its significance.

Tip #2: What makes this Nintex Solution stand out from others?

The solution you’re nominating likely isn’t the only process you’ve transformed with Nintex in the past year. What makes it stand out from the others at your organization?

Provide details on what makes this solution uniquely innovative or successful compared to others you’ve implemented. How has this solution impacted how your organization thinks about process excellence? Has it generated more interest in process automation and management?

Or to put it really simply – why are you most proud of this solution?

Tip #3: Be detailed

Include the technical details of your Nintex solution. This could be anything from other applications your Nintex Workflow connects to and how, desktop apps your Nintex RPA bot interacts with, or how you’ve used Nintex Promapp® to better document processes in third-party applications.

Providing details on the technical complexities of your solution is critical to understanding its impact.

The awards are also a great opportunity to recognize the work of your Nintex Partner if they were involved in this solution. Be sure to include information about the Nintex Partner you worked with, their role in this project and how they were critical to your success.

Tip #4: Provide metrics

The best advice for anyone writing a Nintex Solution Innovation Awards nomination (or any nomination) is to provide metrics and quantifiable benefits for your solution.

The most obvious metrics are the “before” and “after.”

In process automation solutions, that might be the time needed to complete the process before Nintex vs. now with Nintex. For process management innovations it could be how many processes were documented before vs. now.

But providing these metrics is difficult if you don’t have clear understanding of the “before Nintex” state of your processes. Luckily, there are other metrics that you can provide to help us put your solution in perspective.

Here are some examples of various Nintex capability metrics to include in your submission:

  • (Nintex Promapp) How many documents have you mapped and published?
  • (Nintex Promapp) How many process views do you have?
  • (Nintex Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce) How many documents are generated each year? Month? Week?
  • (Nintex Workflow) How many workflows are executed each year?
  • (Nintex Workflow) How many actions does your workflow have?
  • (Nintex RPA) How long did it take to build your solution?
  • (Nintex RPA) How long does it take to complete the process now

Start writing your nomination now!

The 2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards is your opportunity to be recognized and celebrated for the impact you’ve made with process automation and management at your organization. If you need inspiration, check out our video featuring last year’s APAC winner in Regional Transformation, Auswide Bank.

Download a copy of the nomination form and start drafting your submission today. Nominations will be judged by various Nintex process automation and management experts to select the finalists. Nintex executives will then choose the winners, which will be announced and celebrated in June.



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