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Time-Based Triggers That Helps You Prevent Robots Idle

Perhaps the first thing to know about RPA is that it is a technology designed to boost the efficiency of a wide variety of businesses. But how can we make RPA itself more efficient?

One of the keys to the efficiency of an RPA solution is the way tasks are scheduled and assigned to specific software robots. The goal is to make it easy for an RPA manager to make sure the right tasks are being performed at the right times by the right robots, while preventing robots from sitting idle when there’s work to be done.

That’s why today we’re happy to announce the launch of Time-Based Triggers, a new scheduling capability making it easier to schedule tasks and increase the efficiency of a virtual workforce. For our full press release, click here!

Starting today, you can use your Kryon Smart Queue to schedule tasks to be performed at specific times. Then, once the set time for a specific task arrives, a Time-Based Trigger will automatically cause that task to be assigned to the next available robot, based on your specifications. That way, you can avoid a situation in which a pre-scheduled task is delayed because the assigned robot is busy, while another perfectly capable robot is sitting idle.

What’s new about Time-Based Triggers?

Until now, your Smart Queue could only handle tasks triggered by specific actions, not tasks scheduled to happen at certain times. Instead, pre-scheduled tasks needed to be pre-assigned to a given robot. So, if a specific robot was scheduled to perform a task at a certain time but then it was unexpectedly busy, the task would have to wait for that specific robot to become available – no matter how many other robots were sitting idle in the meantime.

With today’s launch of Time-Based Triggers, you can officially say goodbye to that kind of scenario.

Additionally, each time you add a new robot to your automated workforce, your Smart Queue will automatically start assigning your pre-scheduled tasks to your new robot – helping you optimize your efficiency as you expand your use of RPA. In case a software robot is down for maintenance when it is scheduled to perform a specific task, that task will automatically be transferred to another robot. And whenever you have a series of pre-scheduled tasks that needs to be performed in a certain order, your Kryon robots will help you prevent a bottleneck by waiting until one task is complete before creating another one.

In addition to helping you keep your robots active and make sure your tasks are completed as promptly as possible, Time-Based Triggers offer you more flexibility in your scheduling. You can now schedule a task to be repeated on a minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis – and you can set a priority level for each task. And for extra customizability, you can even schedule a task using a cron expression.

The big picture? Just like your Kryon robots let your business run more efficiently, your Smart Queue lets your robots run more efficiently – and now that Time-Based Triggers are here, you can use that Smart Queue to pre-schedule all those robots’ tasks with increased flexibility.

Ready to see how Kryon RPA can boost your company’s overall efficiency, prevent human error, and cut costs? Schedule a live demo today! 

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