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Three ways Nintex RPA helps at tax time

Automate tax workflows

Now that the holidays have long since ended and the New Year is in full swing, it’s time to turn our attention to tax season. As the bane of both the individual taxpayer and small business alike, the tax reporting process is one full of manual work, research, and data entry. Basically, all of the things that Nintex RPA does best. We’ve put together three ways in which Nintex RPA can help you automate your most taxing (sorry) processes to save time and reduce the chance of error.

Nintex RPA extracts and compiles information from online accounts

Chances are, your pertinent tax information is spread across multiple online bank and investment accounts, trusts, loan originators, benefit plans, and more. To save yourself from accessing each of these resources individually, copying your personal information, and then compiling it somewhere, automate the process instead. Nintex RPA navigates websites quickly and securely just like you would. This “digital employee” can log in to each of your online accounts, scrape the information you need, and then paste it all into a spreadsheet for easy viewing. Or, have Foxtrot input the info directly into your tax preparation software.

Accounting and tax platform integration

If you use QuickBooks Online for bookkeeping but another disparate platform for tax preparation, use Nintex RPA to integrate the two applications to save time. Just as you copy and paste data from one location to another, so too does Nintex RPA. The difference? Nintex RPA can do it faster and without error. Automating tax workflows is the best way to save time here.

W-4 and employee benefit changes

For small business owners, tax season is more than simply reporting and paying. Your employees likely make changes to their number of deductions, filing status, and even healthcare benefits on an annual basis. If you use a desktop or cloud-based HRM software to manage employee changes like these, Nintex RPAcan perform them automatically. By automating this tax process, you’ll save time repetitively changing the same information for every one of your employees.



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