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Three helpful steps for implementing eSignatures

Since 2009 we’ve been helping companies to achieve a digital transformation through the use of electronic signatures and we’ve discovered that not only is every organization that implements eSignature technology very different, but every organization implements the technology differently. Industries tend to have similar requirements and workflows, but these can’t be taken for granted.  From small business to large enterprise implementations, no two are the same. That’s why we’re sharing these three steps that will help to smooth your businesses transition from paper to eSignatures.

1. Understand your business processes and workflows

In order for an eSignature technology provider to properly assist the customer in the decision phase, the customer must understand their own workflows. Without that knowledge, the various options, technologies, and tools for eSignatures can’t be properly offered or applied. Whether the customer is a small physician’s office or a global retail operation, knowing their current process, step by step, and how they connect their customers to a paper signature is crucial to their transition to electronic signatures.

2. Create a realistic implementation timeline

It is not uncommon for a Fortune 100 organization to take a couple of months to fully implement eSignatures due to the complexity of their own existing systems, software, and processes. However, with smaller companies it can be as little as a few days. Organizations making the transition would be wise to lay out a reasonable, realistic goal for implementation by creating a timeline for each step:

  1. Discovery & research to find your top 2-3 providers;
  2. Testing and integration to find the best fit for your needs;
  3. Training for your implementation team & additional employees;
  4. Launch date to begin going LIVE!

3. Identify “champions” within your implementation team

In an earlier post, we explained the three types of key team members required for implementing eSignatures: administrators, technical resources (software and/or IT), and end users. Within each of these groups, leadership should identify “champions”, to be leaders of the implementation among their peers to help smooth the transition. These champions will be the trainers and first line of support to their peers.

The order of these steps is not significant. What is significant is the issues that may arise, both early in the decision process and late in the changeover process, if these three steps haven’t been completed. Not only will your eSignature implementation be much smoother, but accomplishing these steps will also create new learning, efficiencies, and leaders within your organization.

Interested in making the switch, but not sure where to start? Contact us! Whether you decide to work with us or not, we want you to find an eSign vendor that helps your team work more efficiently, reduce operational expenses and improve your customer’s experience!



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