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Three Great Lead-Generating Workflows you can Build Today with Nintex Workflow Cloud®

What is the most effective way of directly connecting with prospective customers?

This is the eternal question of marketers across industries and one of their primary goals. Acquiring leads is a surefire route to sales and success but it is also one of the most difficult to achieve.

At Nintex, we believe in the power of automated workflows to make every aspect of your business better and that includes lead generation.

Here are three workflows you can build quickly and easily with our workflow designer to make the process of generating and nurturing leads more successful.

Quick Definition

Lead generation is the process of capturing a prospective customer’s attention and leading them into the sales funnel.

The strategies businesses use have changed with the emergence of the digital business landscape and the new online and social technologies we all have available to us.

The customer is now a more (or more easily) informed buyer, having access to an abundance of information available at the touch of a button. This means the way to attract such a prospective customer has evolved, and organizations must make sure they keep up.

Strategy Needed for Successful Lead Generation

There several aspects of a successful lead generation campaign.

These include (but are not limited to) inbound and outbound marketing, great content, SEO and making sure your website, blog and social media presence are all pulling weight. You can generate great leads from pay-per-click ads, direct mail campaigns, live events in person or via a webinar, etc. And that’s just for starters.

But how do you tie all the different aspects of marketing strategies together in a way that makes the best use of the components and your talent so you can take advantage of the leads all the way down the marketing funnel?

Would it surprise you if we said workflow?

Generate Leads with Nintex Workflow Designer

1.    Content generating workflow

Content is the foundation of any great lead generation or inbound marketing campaign.

But sometimes it can be difficult to produce content to the quality and consistency needed for the campaign to have the right effect.

A specially designed workflow that brings together the important stakeholders for content generation and approval can have a major impact on both the volume and quality of the content you produce.

For example:

Your marketing team is busy.

The process of creating a content campaign, deciding on the topics to cover, the angles of blog posts, scheduling deadlines, assigning work to members of the team, etc., can be a time-consuming procedure. Then there is the process of writing, editing, approving and publishing the content.

Building a workflow that ties the all relevant parts of this process together is a great way of making sure your goals and deadlines are achieved.

Imagine, as a marketing manager, if you could fill out a simple form that – with just a couple clicks – generated a blog series and sent specific tasks to the right people via email.

For instance, the writer might receive an email with the blog brief, a suggested structure, some important points to include and company guidelines that would make writing the blog easier. Once completed, their document would be sent off to the relevant colleagues for editing, then on for approval until ready for publication.

2.    Lead nurture workflow

Nurturing leads is all about understanding who you are targeting and what their needs are at a specific point in the ‘funnel’.

This can be a time-consuming process if conducted manually. But by designing effective workflows that automate the process means your sales and marketing team have more time to focus on other areas.

Configure a workflow that:

  • Determines who you are targeting – enables you to communicate the right message
  • Sets a goal for each nurturing campaign – leads your prospective to the next stage in the funnel
  • Creates a list of forms that trigger the workflow – a visitor to your site downloads some content
  • Composes emails – that will be specific for your chosen target
  • Benchmarks the campaign – understanding rates of success or failure allow you to evolve the campaign

3.    CRM integration workflow

When it comes to generating leads and making the most of the leads you have, technology plays a vital role.

But what can tend to happen is your teams forget to use the correct tool for a specific part of the marketing process. Or different teams use different tools to get their side of the lead/nurture process done, creating information silos that can really disrupt your potential lead or sale.

This is obviously not ideal.

What you need is a way that reminds your employees to use the right tool for the right stage of the process and to link your multiple tools so they work together most effectively.

Our cutting-edge workflow designer, Nintex Workflow Cloud, is specifically designed for this purpose. It’s built in the cloud and made to effectively leverage third party applications.

All you need to do is connect your CRM solution, such as Salesforce, to a simple workflow and watch the results pour in.

You can see a list of our third-party connectors here.

Nurture Your Business

Lead generation is a crucial part of how organizations grow. With Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can easily design workflows that take the best of your business technology and make it complement your talented teams the way it was designed to.


To see how Nintex workflows can help boost your lead generation and turn your sales funnel into bottom line success, set up a demo with us today.


Zoe Clelland

Zoe Clelland works as VP of Product & Experience, where she leads product management efforts across the Nintex Workflow Platform. She brings more than 15 years of defining every aspect of amazing digital user experiences to her role. Zoe holds a Ph.D. in Human Factors, Experimental Psychology from Texas Tech University.

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