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6 sure-fire ways to determine the trustworthiness of your process automation software vendor

It is not uncommon for executives to feel overwhelmed by the massive undertaking required to become a digital business. Just the thought of digital transformation can be daunting for some of us, yet we can all admit the importance of a digital business in this modern world.

A digital business begins with digital processes that reduce your overhead burden by eliminating paperwork, inefficient approvals, and redundant work.

Nintex CEO Eric Johnson shares six red flags to look out for when weighing up the pros and cons of a process automation platform in “6 signs your automation platform provider is misleading you” – available as the third resource in a broader Nintex series known as Leadership Insights.

What are Leadership Insights?

Leadership Insights is a thought-leadership series authored by Nintex’s CEO Eric Johnson designed to help business leaders who are looking to fix broken processes, optimize manual tasks, digitize paper-based forms, and offer stakeholders visibility into daily operations.

All information relevant to the series can be found on the Leadership Insights page.

The vital element in your company’s digital transformation

Process automation is a vital element in your company’s digital transformation.

You begin to explore the market for automation platform providers and notice your options are not limited. So, how do you select the right one? Well, that differs depending on the business you’re in. However, Nintex CEO Eric Johnson shares tips to determine automation providers that will not be a good fit for your company – which can help the process of elimination in your quest to find the best one.

Sure-fire ways to tell when an automation platform provider is being deceptive

Red flag #1: “We’re the only automation platform you need”

Red flag #2: “RPA is the only solution for every automation need”

  • RPA is perfect for some automation needs, but often fits as a small component of a broader automated solution. And sometimes RPA is the absolute wrong tool for your desired business outcome.

Red flag #3: “Our technology can solve all your problems”

  • Albeit technology may be essential – it will always be only a portion of a solution because good technology also requires good support, resources, infrastructure, training, and more.

Red Flag #4: “We can do this, but you need to be patient because automation projects always take months”

  • The timeline for automation projects can vary greatly, and usually correlates with the project’s complexity. Be cautious when a timeline seems way too short or too long and make sure you’re asking the right questions to understand every deliverable and deadline.

Red Flag #5: “We’re the AI experts” and “AI can do everything”

  • It would be really great if AI could do the dishes in the sink too! Some technology providers are overhyping and overpromising AI. Of course AI has great power and potential, but it’s not useful for every situation and scenario.

Red Flag #6: “Our technology is so good we don’t need to spend time understanding your process challenge”

  • If your automation provider is spending more time talking about their technology rather than listening to your needs, it could result in an unsuccessful engagement.

Ask the tough questions

Would you rather ask or be asked the tough questions? We recommend asking the tough questions to your prospective automation platform providers so you can ensure a mutual understanding of your business requirements and intended outcomes. If you ask the tough questions, it might save you from having to answer them after a botched automation project.

As you carry on with your process automation initiatives and digital transformation journeys, take comfort in knowing you have lots of great technology to consider, but be sure to keep a wary eye out for those that are far more concerned with making a quick sale than creating a successful and high-impact outcome for you.

You also may find these Leadership Insight papers from Nintex CEO insightful – Choosing the wrong automation vendor can be disastrous. Learn how to avoid it. – and Why relying on a single process automation platform will lead to failure.



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