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How to find the right Nintex Partner for your organization

There’s no doubt that automating your company’s processes can provide compelling benefits. So, if your organization is considering automating some of your key workflows, the next question to ask is where to start?

At Nintex, our easy-to-use platform lets you begin automating workflows within and across enterprise productivity platforms – you don’t need to write code to do it. However, as your workflows -– or the Connectors you use – become more sophisticated, it can be challenging to make the most of the platform. Or maybe you’re just crunched for time and need to get something done quickly, but well.

When you reach this stage, it can be beneficial to work with the Nintex Partner network.

Why work with a Nintex partner?

By working with Nintex’s customer-focused community of partners to support your workflow automation needs, you get:

  • Help from a partner that understands your industry and business needs
  • Local support from a partner in your state or country
  • The most advanced support and tech – because our partners get access to new Nintex tools before anyone else
  • Training and guidance
  • Integration with a wide range of platforms

As Nintex workflows become increasingly valuable to your business, the Nintex community benefits you by helping you get more out of the platform. All our partners hold certification and a level of technical skill which proves they are capable of building complex workflows – we trust them to represent our technology – and that means you can trust them to help you make the most of the tech.

Let’s look at how you can go about finding the right Nintex Partner for your organization.

Get started with our online tool

We want to make it as easy as possible to find the right partner for you. And that’s why we built our easy online tool for browsing our customer-focused community – you can filter by country, industry and business area to find partners closest matched to your requirements.

While the tool itself is easy to use, it’s important to understand the different tiers of Nintex partner and what they can do for you:

  • Certified Partners give extensive support
    Our Certified Partners are highly experienced with our technology and have a strong relationship with us. Each Certified Partner has a devoted Nintex success manager who helps them get even more out of our products – and that feeds back to you. They also benefit from extra training and guidance using our tech, so they are well equipped to ensure you get the most from our solutions.
  • Premium Partners give the most comprehensive support
    For a complete solution, our Premium Partners give your organization even more support. They work very closely with us as we develop new products based on their experience working with clients, and they also get advanced access to our new tools and connections. That means you can count on them to always have the most cutting-edge Nintex offerings. Premium Partners have demonstrated success with a wide range of customers and use-cases.

Create a Nintex Partner shortlist

We’re proud of the size of our partner network, with hundreds of partners right across the world, systems integrators, on-prem and cloud specialists of every size and shape on every continent. Once you’ve narrowed down a shortlist of Nintex partners, how should you select the right partner for your needs?

  • Consider your tech stack
    The first step you need to make is to think about the technology you currently use – what kind of connections will you need to build between different platforms? Perhaps you want to connect a mix of Salesforce and Microsoft tech – you’ll need to make sure potential partners have experience using the two stacks.
  • Consider the kind of relationship you want
    Are you simply looking for a partner who can offer training? Many of our partners give comprehensive workshops onsite. Are you in need of someone to provide consulting services? Many of our partners are able to do this. Once you know the kind of relationship you want, you can find the perfect partner.
  • Do they know your sector?
    Does the partner understand your sector? Medical or government organizations, for instance, will have especially high privacy standards – it will be valuable to work with a partner who understands this. Similarly, if you’re building workflows for your sales process, it can be valuable to select a partner who can offer expertise in this sector, as they will be able to advise you on ways of using Nintex to build better sales workflows.
  • Talk to your Regional Partner Manager
    Call us! We have a team of dedicated Partner Managers who assist with partner-client implementations and understand the channel deeply. They can connect you with a partner that is best suited for your needs.

Get the Nintex community benefits you deserve

Many organizations begin using Nintex to solve a specific challenge before seeing how much more it can do for them. As you begin to automate more processes, working with a Nintex Partners can help you build more dependable, comprehensive, secure and complex workflows – and that means you are empowered to work even smarter.


Begin your relationship with one of our partners today by browsing our partner network.


Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson joined Nintex in 2013 as a territory manager. Now, as the senior director of regional sales for the Americas, he and his team champion Nintex's global partner program and channel strategy – working to ensure enterprise organizations learn about the benefits of Nintex's powerful process automation and management platform capabilities.

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