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The promising automation movement of 2021

There is so much to look forward to in 2021! Many of us are welcoming the new year with open arms especially after an eventful year prior. If we’re looking on the bright side of 2020, Nintex Marketing Manager Elise Harrington shared a 2020 recap article highlighting organizations using Nintex to work through the uncharted territories of a pandemic.

2021 is the year of automation. Last year, many of us were forced to quickly digitize and automate processes. Now, this is the year we can plan and prepare for it. We’re already seeing how it can improve and enhance the way people work.

Forrester VP and Senior Analyst Craig Le Clair predicts that automation in 2021 will become a business imperative. In a recent blog he states, “The world of automation has changed. Just six months ago, tech and business leaders would lightly suggest automation ideas, and get nods and smiles for their efforts but little commitment. Now, automation has moved to heated board-level discussions that often end with statements such as ‘If we don’t automate everything we can, we may not survive.’”

We’re prepared for 2021

It’s safe to say that we’ve all adapted to the new way of life with virtual or socially distanced experiences happening everywhere around us. As it relates to business, many of these structural changes and digital procedures were implemented in one day.

Overnight we learned how to take every meeting virtually on communication platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Slack.

Some organizations adopted Nintex to support the boom in business, such as Zoom Video Communications, a Nintex customer that saw a massive surge in demand last year. With the help of Nintex, Zoom’s channel sales is better prepared to continue to support the demand for virtual meetings in 2021 (and beyond!).

Other organizations will continue to leverage Nintex to manage daily health screenings for essential employees, like Coca-Cola Beverages Florida. Every day before reporting to work, their employees complete a screening questionnaire and submit their temperatures. Nintex uses data from employee screening to determine an employee’s daily route and delivery responsibilities, or whether to notify their manager and dismiss them from work temporarily – due to concerns of infection.  Read about how Coke Florida’s COVID screening solution in a recent blog post.

In 2021, non-profit organizations like our customer, Meals on Wheels Central Texas plan to automate a contactless volunteer application process supporting their mission of providing thousands of daily meals to people in need. Learn about their Nintex solution from a Workflow Wonders episode featuring Meals on Wheels Central Texas.

We’re confident that more businesses can improve operations with the help of Nintex and we’re excited to hear what our customers accomplish in 2021, whether it’s improving work virtually or on-site – we’re here for it! Get in touch right away with a Nintex expert to see how you can improve the way you work.

What we’re looking forward to in 2021

·       Nintex Solution Innovation Awards

The Nintex Solution Innovation Awards recognize customers for their business impact with the process management and automation capabilities of the Nintex Platform. Entries will be open to any public or private sector organization who leverages Nintex Process Platform capabilities, including Nintex Promapp®, Nintex RPA, Nintex Workflow, Nintex Forms, Nintex App Studio, Nintex DocGen®, Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign, and Nintex Analytics. This year nominations will also be open to organizations using K2 Software, including Nintex K2 Five, Nintex K2 Cloud, and Nintex K2 blackpearl® – our newest additions to the Nintex product suite.

Nominations for the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovations will open in early February.

Read about previous years’ winners here.

·       Nintex ProcessFest® 2021

The annual Nintex conference celebrates, highlights, and educates Nintex customers and partners around the globe.

Last year the conference was a 90-minute virtual event, with 25+ hours of on-demand comment. Virtual ProcessFest will return again in 2021 – stay tuned for your invite in early 2021!

You can still access Nintex ProcessFest® 2020 to access previous years’ sessions on-demand, including presentations from the in-person event in 2019. You’ll also guarantee your invite to Nintex ProcessFest® 2021. The event will be full of informative, practical process management and automation resources available to you at no cost.

·       Nintex Process Platform Updates

Our development team is continuously updating and adding new functionality to the Nintex Workflow Platform. In this digital world, it means our platform updates in the cloud without interrupting your daily workflows and processes that rely on Nintex.

We acquired three companies aligned with our vision all under three years. We know how to weave new technology into our platform seamlessly. To learn about the Nintex Platform planned updates and upgrades, visit the Product Roadmap page on the Nintex Community.

·       Solution Accelerator Gallery

The Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery is full of process templates that you can use to automate a broad range of business processes from employee onboarding to invoice processing to change and release management and hundreds of other scenarios in between!

In 2021, we’ll add more templates to the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery. In the meantime, soak up our existing resources and let us know what else you think we should add.

·       Nintex Virtual Events

We are planning more monthly and quarterly webinar programs which will featuring Nintex customer and industry analysts like Forrester Research. If you missed the Nintex and Forrester series Turn Process Pains to Business Gains, you can watch all 3 sessions on-demand. You’ll get inspired to improve processes while gaining insightful industry insights from industry experts.


We also have a new webinar series in the works. It may involve pizza and our product management team. We’ll let you know more in 2021. 🍕

The Promise of Automation (or Digital) in 2021

Last year, business professionals were forced to automate and digitize processes that were outdated when everything went virtual. Now, in 2021, we’ve learned to use automation as a tool that helps us work more effectively and efficiently.

Paperwork is no longer flowing around the modern office awaiting the next approval, stage, or signature because people are working from home. We’re moving to digital methods of managing processes across all sectors.

Every business can benefit from automating with the Nintex Process Platform in 2021. Try it for free today.

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