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The power of RPA for human resources

Human resources is an industry that’s ripe for leveraging automation on a daily basis. Automation is perfect for processes that involve primarily manual like data entry, doing a single process over and over, and responsibilities in which the same buttons are clicked repeatedly. Think of all the data that Human Resource Management professionals must manage:

  • Current Employees
  • Past Employees
  • Applicants
  • New Hires
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Payroll and Benefits

Nintex Foxtrot® RPA can automate the most time-consuming manual processes that human resources professionals do.

That’s a lot of HR data! It can be difficult to track all of that data within even a medium-sized organization, let alone a large company with multiple offices and locations.

Surprisingly, many human resource divisions find themselves working with database management systems that are totally antiquated and diverse, and many require a great deal of manual entry to integrate, update, and control. Throw in a disruptive influence, like a merger or acquisition, and the accompanying employee HR database and the challenges are amplified. Often, the two databases do not operate from the same platform and have to be merged using error-prone manual entry processes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the answer for companies looking for HR automation.

Entire databases can be automated with an RPA solution like Nintex Foxtrot® RPA. Information can be maintained with familiar drag-and-drop techniques. Complicated scripts can be replaced with Nintex Foxtrot® RPA that will overcome tedious manual entry requirements. Data can be obtained with total accuracy and with the touch of a keyboard. The best part? Your HR staff can learn and operate Nintex Foxtrot® RPA in less than a day.

Looking for a complete process management and automation solution to handle your HR processes? Learn more about the Nintex Platform.

Ask yourself if there’s room to leverage automation in your human resources department. If you think there may be an opportunity to free your team from repetitive tasks and implement automation, contact us today!



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