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The Numbers Are in: Kryon RPA Training Courses Are in Demand

Almost three months after launching the Kryon Academy, today we released our findings on its popularity and success. As we had hoped, the numbers show that many users are taking advantage of the opportunity to acquire in-demand skills and advance their careers through our free and convenient online training courses. Our quantitative data also show that the Kryon Academy’s learners have overwhelmingly found the content of the courses to helpfully meet their needs.

Our key findings include:

  • Over 400 participants have completed courses in the Kryon Academy.
  • These participants have completed a total of more than 800 courses.
  • Ninety-seven percent of the graduates of the Kryon Academy’s Using Advanced Commands course say they found it “very helpful.”
  • Ninety-five percent of the graduates of the Kryon Academy’s RPA Developer Introduction course say they found it “very easy to follow the practical exercises.”

You can read the full press release here.

These numbers reflect data that we have gathered both by tracking the number of courses completed and by surveying participants on their satisfaction with the quality of these courses. This information is important to us, as we constantly work to ensure the quality of the training courses offered within the Kryon Academy and to keep adding new material.

The Kryon Academy is designed to empower developers and aspiring developers to bolster their professional capabilities, acquiring marketable skills that qualify them for an ever-growing variety of lucrative jobs. By gathering quantitative data on learners and their experience of the Kryon Academy, we aim to make sure the Academy is reaching its full potential – and helping its learners to reach theirs.

“As companies around the world increasingly see the ways intelligent automation can help them achieve greater success, the rapidly growing RPA market is quickly creating new job opportunities. For us as leaders of the digital transformation revolution, it is gratifying to see that the Kryon Academy is empowering so many learners to build skills that will open new doors for them and help them advance their careers,” said Ohad Barnoy, our VP Customer Support.

Launched in September of this year, the Kryon Academy offers a variety of courses for novices and experienced developers alike. In addition to providing them with highly sought-after professional skills, these classes give current and aspiring developers a chance to earn credentials reflecting their achievement and knowledge of RPA. For those who want to greatly expand their knowledge quickly (and earn a certificate), it offers a six-course RPA Developer Certification learning path including both introductory and more advanced classes on developing RPA wizards.

Interested in learning more about RPA and moving your career forward? Sign up for the Kryon Academy for free at https://www.kryonsystems.com/rpa-academy

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