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The Nintex story: 15 years of award-winning solutions

It’s been an interesting journey. The last decade and a half has seen Nintex and process management itself evolve dramatically. So, we thought we’d stop for a moment, take stock, and map out the road that took us to where – and who – we are today. The Nintex story.

Want to discover where it all began? How our offering to customers has changed since those first early days? Where we’re heading from here? Buckle up.

We come from a land down-under

The history of Nintex begins way back in 2005. Two entrepreneurs in Melbourne, Australia had a vision – empower people and businesses everywhere to work more effectively and efficiently with the power of process. Brian Cook and Brett Campbell saw the potential that process management held for businesses everywhere, and they ran with it.

The software they created was the evolutionary ancestor of the Nintex Platform you use today. Based in Microsoft SharePoint, it allowed the creation of digital workflows to expedite and streamline tasks. The new solution was a hit with the SharePoint world, receiving rave reviews from customers at the 2007 European SharePoint Conference, and developing a growing following. We’re proud to say that many of those loyal customers from the early days are still with us today.

New forms… of forms

A major milestone in the Nintex Story came in 2010, with the launch of Nintex Forms. Customers were clamoring for an easy-to-use and powerful digital forms solution, and we saw how one could enhance our process platform, taking it to new levels of usefulness for users and businesses.

Unveiled at Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, California, our new web-based form designer revolutionized the creation of online forms, integrating with Nintex Workflow and continuing our mission to make process improvement easy, accessible, and powerful. Providing our customers with the ability to easily design and publish forms online was a key step toward the Nintex of today.

A new generation of documents

When Drawloop® became part of the Nintex Platform in 2015, it was another natural expansion of our offering to customers and another pivotal moment in the history of Nintex. Like Nintex Forms, Nintex DocGen® introduced powerful new capabilities for customers—this time, the ability to harness data from all kinds of sources to easily, quickly, and automatically generate digital documents.

At that point in time, document generation technology had already come a long way since the first “mail merge” functionality of the 80s and 90s (anyone remember the early versions of WordPerfect?). Document generation now had the potential to create complex, personalized documents and save vast amounts of time and effort—providing the use of “if/when” logic, and integrations with a host of key productivity tools and storage systems.

This new addition was the game-changer we hoped it would be. With Nintex DocGen®, the Nintex Platform became even more of a thriving ecosystem, one where users can enhance and automate processes across their operations and more easily accomplish a wide range of crucial tasks—all under one roof.

Bring on the bots!

As we rapidly approach the present day, there’s one more stop-off I’d like to make. In early 2019, robotic process automation (RPA) became part of the Nintex Platform. As process experts and solution providers, it was another natural step to enable our customers to harness the power of RPA bots. If your goal is to make processes easier, faster, and better, enlisting the help of today’s capable software robots is a must. So, we brought them on board.

With RPA, high-volume, repetitive tasks are jobs for the bots—not human staff-members. They take on the workloads that people would rather not have and get them done quickly and accurately. So, it was good news for our customers when we brought this technology to the Nintex Platform, and we’re continually impressed by the new ways they’re finding to use it.

What’s next, Nintex? The Nintex story continues…

As a year of unprecedented events draws to a close, we look back at a 2020 that’s had its challenges but has also brought exciting new potential. We’ve recently invested in new process automation technology for our platform, added powerful new functionality to Nintex Workflow Cloud, and launched the Nintex Solution Accelerator Gallery to help you improve and automate your processes faster and easier than ever.

We look forward to seeing—and showing you—where our journey takes us in 2021 and beyond.



If you’d like to discuss what the Power of Process® could mean for the future of your organization, get in touch with the team at Nintex today. Or you can test-drive the Nintex Platform yourself with a free trial.



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