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The Nintex customer stories world tour

Have you been on summer vacation this year? Perhaps you’re planning to get away in the next week or two. We’re based in Bellevue, Washington, USA, but we have customers across the world, from the United Kingdom to Kuwait, Singapore to South Africa.

Pack your bags and let’s take a trip around the world and visit some Nintex customers’ stories of innovation and success. Our first stop is just across the pond, to a company in the UK that makes (you guessed it) tea.

United Kingdom – Twinings and Nintex K2 Cloud

Twinings have been buying, brewing, and selling tea since 1706. They are a staple in the cupboards of the British, and around the world. But a lot has changed since 1706, with problems like data management and compliance underpinning many business processes. Twinings used to run a fragmented and time-consuming legacy system for their data management. It wasn’t keeping up with their needs or growth.

After an extremely thorough 18-month period of searching, Twinings finally settled on the Nintex K2 Cloud. Richard Noyes, Master Data Governance Lead – Global ERP Implementation at Twinings, described why:

“Nintex delivers the rapid application development we need, in a low-code environment that the business manages primarily, with support from IT.”

Nintex K2 Cloud features a low-code interface, which has proven invaluable for Twinings’ business departments, who can now create applications that aid with data management 30x faster than before. The team at Twinings explained that it is now almost impossible to input incorrect data, thanks to the changes they have been able to make to their Master Data Governance Suite with Nintex K2 Cloud.

Twinings also used Nintex to streamline access to their supply chain, with the creation of the Supplier Portal. The portal uses Nintex K2 Smartforms to give suppliers easy access to orders and creates more visibility across the supply chain. This allows Twinings to react faster to supply chain issues.

Next up, grab your travel pillow and a good book, because we’re jumping on a long-haul flight to South Africa.

South Africa – First Quantum Minerals Ltd. and K2 Workflows

First Quantum Minerals Ltd are a global copper and mineral mining company, suppling the world with nickel, gold, cobalt, and copper. They employ 20,000 people worldwide and run long-life mines in several countries.

First Quantum wanted to optimize their operations using workflow automation. Our K2 software allowed a team, that didn’t really have any experience in software creation, to develop solutions quickly and accurately, with incredible results.

First Quantum Minerals Project Engineer, Ron Smith, was initially surprised by the versatility of Nintex’s K2 software, saying:

“What first started out as an automated data entry process has evolved into an agile platform that has been able to scale for vast projects on a global dimension.” 

As Ron and the team continued to use Nintex K2 software, the rewards grew. First Quantum Minerals became 50% more cost effective than they were before. They eliminated manual data entry for more efficient and accurate automated workflows, and managed to reduce processing time by a huge 30%.

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Keep hold of your passport, because now we’re jumping back on the plane. Next, we’re heading to the middle east to find out how an international bank achieved higher productivity and reduced loan-handling time, simply by using Nintex.

Kuwait – Kuwait International Bank and Advanced Workflows

The Kuwait International Bank uses Nintex to power automation in almost all of their departments, from legal to real estate. It’s one of our great success stories, as the bank managed to reduce loan-handling times from two weeks to just two days. How did they do it?

Nintex Workflows are low-code and easy to build, so that any employee can get to grips with it and start making automating. This effectively democratizes the automation process and speeds up innovation. This is how Kuwait International Bank boosted productivity and created 4x more workflows than before.

Because Nintex is easy to use, more employees were able to create time-saving automated workflows. As Mansour A. Al-Ali, Senior Systems Engineer at Kuwait International Bank stated:

“I didn’t have prior experience with Nintex, but from the first day, it was very easy to create workflows.”

These workflows have helped the bank hit several impressive milestones, such as supporting change requests 4x faster, cutting loan handling time by 80%, and reducing software development cycles from 15 days to just 4.

This ability to automate has made the bank more responsive, not only to customers, but to their own employees too, with productivity enhancing updates being created, tested and used much more rapidly.

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Last on our whistlestop world tour, it’s Singapore, where we’ll be taking a closer look at the art of automating RFPs.

Singapore – National Gallery Singapore and Nintex Promapp, Workflows and Forms

The National Gallery Singapore is one of the most visited attractions in all of Singapore. It’s full to the brim with some of the most compelling exhibitions from southeast Asian and global artists. Exhibitions take time and resources to put together, and the gallery deals with 100 Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and tender proposals per year.

Due the vast amount of red tape that comes with working to maintain one of Singapore’s most cherished cultural hubs, processing these RFPs was an enormous ordeal and would take a lot of people too much time.

National Gallery Singapore first started using Nintex Forms to reduce RFP management time. This was successful, reducing nine different forms into one.

It wasn’t long before the gallery started using Nintex’s workflows and robotic process automation solutions. Victor Kong, IT Manager at National Gallery Singapore, said:

“In the beginning we started using Nintex just for the forms. We learned more about Nintex and its capabilities, especially RPA. Now it’s the complete platform for us.”

In the last five months, with the help our software, National Gallery Singapore has published more than 40 RFPs and 10 tenders using Nintex. During the pandemic, the gallery also used Nintex workflows to create a Teams-based track and trace system in just 3 days. In fact, their track and trace system was online before the COVID-19 outbreak was even declared a pandemic.

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Thank you for traveling with Nintex

And that concludes our journey to some of the most exciting and innovative uses of Nintex across the world. We’ve seen how Nintex workflows can speed up proposals and reduce waiting times for customers. We’ve also seen how our K2 software can be used to create useful applications that empower employees and drive innovation.



If you want to see more real Nintex customer case studies, you can find them on our case study portal. If you’re looking for information on Nintex K2 and our automation software, get in touch with our team. 



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