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The importance of employee experience in the remote workplace

For digital transformation to succeed, it’s vital to acknowledge the importance of employee experiences. You need to be aware of why employee experience affects the very fabric of your organization – from productivity to retention, from company culture to staff engagement. It will also have a substantial effect on customer satisfaction and ultimately the bottom line.

We’ll look at the roles process management and automation play in creating great employee experiences that boost productivity and overall satisfaction. And how it can also help to attract, retain, and get the most from your talent.

New ways of working and new challenges

There’s no doubt that businesses have been hit hard during the pandemic. It’s crucial for business leaders not to forget the toll it has taken on employees. It has certainly been an emotional and financial rollercoaster for all, both in and outside of work.

Remote working has not come without its challenges. Success depends on how far an organization traveled on their digital transformation journey prior to the pandemic. Those relying on manual, paper-based processes have struggled the most. And it’s their employees who bear the brunt of that burden.

When remote work doesn’t work

If an organization’s processes had not been modernized or digitized, then breakdowns in communication and collaboration were inevitable. What’s more, remote working took away many of the social aspects of our working lives. A lack of in-person, face-to-face meetings can reduce the sense of camaraderie that fosters positive company culture and a sense of wellbeing.

But employee satisfaction takes its biggest hit when the importance of employee experiences is forgotten. Employees want to be able to connect to the people, processes, and systems they need to achieve their business objectives. Modern business users expect this to be quick, easy, and seamless. When broken processes get in the way of this, the consequences can be significant.

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How broken processes damage employee experiences

When processes don’t work effectively, your organization doesn’t function efficiently. When broken processes are making it harder for people to do their job, then frustration can fester and drive down employee engagement.

Our new report The Reality of the World’s Most Broken Processes explores the consequences of this. It’s not just productivity that takes a hit. Frustrated employees will look for work elsewhere. Again and again, our report found that to engage, retain and get the most from your talent, you must fix broken processes. In a post-pandemic world, this will mean digital transformation and modern employee experiences fit for remote working.

The importance of employee experiences in numbers

Here are some of the main insights.

  • 63% of employees say their organization doesn’t have specific initiatives to replace paper-based processes.
  • 67% say that their organization doesn’t have an overall approach to mapping out, documenting, and optimizing processes
  • More than half (55%) spend or waste at least 25% of their time working on manual tasks that could be better automated – that’s a minimum of 10 hours a week based on a 40-hour workweek.

What does this mean for organizations?

  • Over a quarter of respondents were looking for another job.
  • 90% of them said that the organization’s broken processes were influencing their decision to look for another job.
  • The majority (52%) of employees would leave their organization within the next 12-18 months for another organization in the same industry if the new organization made it easier to get work done and had fewer manual processes.

Say goodbye to broken processes

The Nintex Process Platform provides organizations with the full range of process automation solutions so that no stone remains unturned. Process mapping helps you visualize the state of processes at your organization so that you can see what is working and what isn’t.

Depending on the team’s objectives and the processes involved in achieving them, you can opt for a variety of solutions. Robotic process automation can take care of laborious work, freeing up employees to work on higher-value matters. With electronic signatures, modern forms, and document generation, organizations can automate large chunks of the sales process such as customer contracts. All of these will create seamless employee experiences that your staff will love.

And what’s more, process analytics can offer data-driven insights to help organizations continuously improve their processes. Manage. Automate. Optimize. With Nintex you can keep improving employee experiences and drive productivity and employee satisfaction through the roof – and it won’t hurt the bottom line, either.



To learn more about the importance of employee experience and how process automation can help with improving employee experiences at your organization, get in contact with Nintex today.



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