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The hybrid world beyond SharePoint

When people think of Nintex, they often associate us with SharePoint. This makes sense given that Nintex essentially grew up as part of SharePoint on-premises and for a considerable part of our history Nintex was inseparable from SharePoint. Thus, for some, the two names became synonymous.

But now with our move to the cloud, we have started to expand our ability to interact with other cloud-based systems beyond SharePoint including Box, Google, and Salesforce. Nintex workflows can connect to a spectrum of systems both in the cloud, and back on-premises as we expand our ability for users to build and support hybrid solutions.

One of the largest remaining on-premises applications used by the enterprise today is SAP. Millions of users interact with this massive ERP system to help run processes from employee onboarding and financial management to customer administration and warehouse optimization.

Given that historically all this work was done through a centralized on-premises system managed by IT, SAP was able to dominate the ERP space by providing a single system that was accessible across the business. Yet, with the recent explosion of digital transformation and the move to the cloud, many organizations no longer hold all of their data within a single ERP application.

Expanding past the world of SAP

As line of business users start adopting solutions targeted for specific needs, the processes that were once centralized to SAP have started to become much more distributed across multiple systems.

Imagine an organization that historically has used SAP ERP on-premises for the HR team’s hiring and employee onboarding process but has recently started moving to the cloud and decided to adopt Google for Business as their email and task management platform. Tasks completed throughout the hiring process need to be tracked in Google, employment information needs to be collected from external potential employees, and all this information needs to be logged back to SAP for auditing purposes.

Even in this “digital process” there are many places where information must be entered manually which can lead to inconsistencies between core systems. If mistakes caused from dealing with a hybrid process result in a bad first experience with the company, a potential employee might rethink wanting to continue through to the end of the hiring process which could cause the business to miss out on top talent.

Moving forward with Nintex

With the increase in the need for line of business teams to weave their existing processes between both on-premises and cloud-based applications, the hybrid capabilities of the Nintex Platform make it easy to streamline and automate these digital interactions. When building a hybrid solution with Nintex Workflow Cloud and SAP ERP on-premises, workflow designers have two methods for passing data between the cloud and their on-premises environments.

Using the Nintex Gateway combined with Nintex RPA, data (such as the outcomes of a hiring interview) can be captured through a cloud-based form and securely routed via the Nintex Workflow to a waiting Nintex RPA bot that can sign into, navigate through, and input data into an on-premises SAP system exactly the same way a human would (just faster and more accurately).

Alternatively, if you want to save time and take advantage of existing out-of-the-box SAP functions, or custom BAPI functions, workflow designers can leverage Theobald Software’s ECS Core application to create workflow actions that can be imported directly into Nintex Workflow Cloud for ease of use. Leveraging Theobald’s WebService designer, workflow builders can start interacting with SAP just like they would with any other cloud-based SaaS system without writing a single line of code.

No longer do you have to burden your HR team with manually signing into their VPN from their home office, then opening and signing into your on-premises SAP instance to enter data they just received from your newest candidate.

With the Nintex Process Platform, you can build automated solutions that capture data from external users, route approval tasks to internal employees, and then sync data to both cloud systems like Google for Business and on-premises applications like SAP all without human error. Nintex enables people to break down legacy silos, build hybrid solutions, and improve the way they manage and automate their processes.



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Jonathan Butler

Jonathan has been with Nintex since 2016. After years of working with the Customer Success organization, Jonathan is now works closely with both the success and product teams to drive the adoption of Nintex cloud products to improve the way people work around the world.

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