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The hybrid life with Nintex Workflow Cloud

As we move further and further past the digital transformation catalyst of 2020, the rate of cloud adoption has done almost everything except slow down.

More and more organizations have started shifting all of their business operations to the cloud, and even those that are still working with on-premises systems are feeling more and more pressure to make this “journey to the cloud” as new applications that are needed to help the business stay ahead are developed as “cloud first” or “cloud only” solutions. This can make it incredibly difficult for operations teams that want to support their line of business users with modern experiences and the latest and greatest tools, but are limited in resources and have not yet been able to shift massive legacy deployments, like SharePoint, SAP, or even critical SQL databases up to the cloud.

What is Nintex Gateway?

Enter Nintex Gateway. Nintex Gateway is any operations team’s savior from the dilemma of needing to continue developing new automations, but not wanting to invest more effort into on-premises systems that they know will need to eventually be moved to the cloud.

Originally designed to help integrate Nintex Workflow Cloud with Nintex RPA, the capabilities of the Nintex Gateway have now been expanded so that Nintex Workflow Cloud workflows can connect directly to SharePoint on-premises data as if it’s another modern cloud application. This hybrid solution allows operations teams to start focusing their automation development on the future, by building new processes in the cloud, while still being able to work with on-premises data that might not yet be ready to migrate.

Workflow developers can now start exploring new integrated use cases as hybrid workflows open the opportunity to leverage on-premises SharePoint data with data from modern SaaS systems such as Asana, Postmark, Salesforce, and more.

As a line of business teams adopt tools and systems for their specific needs, automation development teams can continue using a single design interface they’re familiar with while connecting these new systems with existing on-premises business systems. The experience provides automation with a similar drag-and-drop design canvas that users of the Nintex Process Platform are used to, and connecting to new systems is as easy as dragging an action onto the canvas and signing in.

Getting started with Nintex Workflow Cloud Solution Starter

What about organizations that know they should be adopting “cloud-first” solutions, but still have the majority of their daily users doing work in SharePoint and don’t want to send them somewhere new quite yet? Alongside the updates to the Nintex Gateway, the Nintex Workflow Cloud Solution Starter for SharePoint enables a line of business participants to access forms and tasks from Nintex Workflow Cloud directly within the SharePoint sites they already use.

As a native SharePoint web part, the Solution Starter can be deployed in SharePoint 2016, 2019, or SharePoint Online (if organizations have already started their journey to the cloud). The solutions starter is open source, which means it can also be expanded upon using the Nintex Workflow Cloud API or integrated with the team’s custom user applications.

Here at Nintex, we understand we’re still in a time of change and flux. Hybrid technologies enable the flexibility needed to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing requirements. With the updates to Nintex Gateway, customers of on-premises SharePoint solutions can begin adopting the most modern workflow automation technology even sooner.

However, we know that even once an organization moves to the cloud, they still may choose to leave some data on-premises for security or required critical uptime. To support these scenarios, we will continue working to expand the capabilities of Nintex Gateway, first with direct access to on-premises Microsoft SQL databases, and then an expanding number of additional on-premises systems so that workflow designers can continue using Nintex Workflow Cloud as their design platform while having the option to keep their data wherever they want.

We know that digital transformation isn’t slowing down and that the cloud and the number of “cloud-only” applications will continue to grow as we move into the future. However, by leveraging a solution like Nintex Workflow Cloud paired with the Nintex Gateway, teams do not have to be locked into any one way of operating. They can make the decisions that work best for them, pick the software that lets them achieve their mission, and know that Nintex will continue providing innovative solutions like hybrid process automation to improve the way people work.



To learn more about how a workflow automation guideline can help your organization and how workflow solutions like Nintex can take it to the next level, get in contact with the Nintex team today.



Jonathan Butler

Jonathan has been with Nintex since 2016. After years of working with the Customer Success organization, Jonathan is now works closely with both the success and product teams to drive the adoption of Nintex cloud products to improve the way people work around the world.

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