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The Digital Workplace: Changing the Way We Work

The Nintex team had a great experience attending the Digital Workplace Conference in Melbourne, Australia last week.

There were several insightful sessions over the two days focused on how building a digital workplace fundamentally changes the way we work. In their discussions with exhibitors, attendees were keen to discover new and effective ways of working.

Here are a few of our thoughts on the future of the digital workplace:

1.  Empowering Business Users

IT leaders continue to be at the center of the transition to the digital workplace, but increasingly so, lines of business are also leading the digital workplace strategy.

We spoke with many delegates from IT teams, and from other business departments – including sales, marketing, and finance. They were all interested in solving their unique business challenges. This clearly demonstrates the need to ensure that business users are fully empowered to optimize their business processes and improve the way they work.

2.  Cloud-Based Solutions and Need for Mobility

The shift to the cloud continues to gain momentum, and many attendees wanted to find out more about our cloud-based process automation platform.

Moving to the cloud helps to simplify complex technology stacks inside organizations, which is the first step to building a digital workplace and promoting workforce effectiveness.

There is also demand by the workforce for mobile applications to support dynamic, non-routine work, and organizations are increasingly looking to build a combined cloud and mobile strategy.

3.  Improving the Way People Work Through Process Automation

DWCAU attendees were very interested to talk to us about Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

Nintex is passionate about being at the forefront of technology innovation in order to constantly improve the way people work. And from the conversations we had at our booth, attendees were also excited about the possibilities to transform their business operations with an IPA platform.

Establishing a digital workplace boosts employee engagement and agility, and Nintex’s IPA platform helps to make work less work by stripping inefficiencies from a business and replacing them with seamless, sophisticated processes.

4.  A Better Customer Experience

The customer is king.

Indeed, the customer experience has never been more important for an organization’s success. Organizations are increasingly citing customer experience and satisfaction as the leading motivators to implement a digital transformation strategy.

Building a digital workplace improves the way employees serve their customers by enabling them to be more responsive to customer needs, which in turn enhances the customer experience.

Learn more about why decision-makers are citing improved customer and employee experience as a reason for digitally transforming their enterprise in the latest Nintex study, The State of Intelligent Process Automation, due for release in early September.

We had a great time at DWCAU in Melbourne and we look forward to future opportunities to engage with organizations from all industries and help solve their business process challenges.


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Eileen Tan

Eileen has been at Nintex for four years and is based in Melbourne, Australia. With nearly 15 years of B2B marketing experience in global technology organisations, she is an impassioned advocate of driving demand generation and executing impactful marketing campaigns with a keen focus on ROI. Follow Eileen on Twitter @ETnintex.