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The bill of rights for process automation buyers – Part 2

Evaluating process automation providers can be confusing because while the underlying technologies and solutions are often awesome, pricing and contracting can be challenging. And unfortunately, some providers make pricing and licensing their software difficult by design.

Nintex CEO Eric Johnson is here to change that. In his latest paper, A bill of rights for process automation buyers – part 2, Eric shares what to look and lookout for as you adopt new automation technology.

In the previous installment in this series, Eric urged businesspeople looking to purchase and deploy process automation solutions to insist on clear and unambiguous pricing information from their prospective providers. In this piece, Eric takes that suggestion a step further and putting forward a “bill of rights” for those buyers.

If you missed part 1, you can access it here.

Avoiding the “gotcha” moments

At Nintex, we’re strong believers in the free market and the great outcomes for customers that are a result of unbridled competition. But we also believe that when business customers are ready to hand over their hard-earned money for an automation solution, those customers have every right to expect a crystal-clear breakdown of what they’re getting in return, without any “gotcha!” lurking in the fine print.

The checklist to ask your future automation provider

Here’s your bill of rights checklist to ask yourself and your prospective provider before making any purchasing decisions. This is what every SaaS buyer should be asking:

  1. A specific final price for what you’re purchasing
  2. Details regarding potential fees, penalties, upgrade requirements etc.
  3. Does it scale? Will you be charged more for more usage?
  4. Does the provider offer volume discounts?
  5. Does the price change if there are 5 users or 10 or 100?
  6. Will you be charged for integrations?
  7. If you are buying more than one product, get specifics into the price of each separately.
  8. Does the provider charge for data storage?
  9. Is there a run-time maximum and how much is the additional cost if you exceed the maximum?
  10. When was the last outage and for how long?
  11. Does the provider offer a customer loyalty program?

Today’s fast-paced and often disruptive business environment requires greater levels of clarity and transparency than ever before. As process automation projects become more strategically essential, business customers deserve to know exactly what they’re getting—and we hope this buyer’s bill of rights is a step in that direction.

Learn more about automation investments by visiting the Leadership Insights page, all driven by Nintex CEO Eric Johnson.



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