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The Biggest Opportunity in RPA is a Change in Perspective

Kryon’s own Ayelet Gazit, Director of Learning and Development, has found the perfect balance between the robotic and human sides of Robotic Process Automation. She’s directed her passion for learning how things work into a successful career helping others gain the skills and experience they need to successfully create RPA solutions with Kryon’s cutting-edge technologies. She offers her insights into the ever-expanding Intelligent Automation industry and shares advice for women looking to start or switch careers in RPA.


What led you to a career in RPA/Intelligent Automation? How did your background prepare you for this field?

I’ve always loved technology and learning how things work. This led me to electrical engineering. But I enjoy working with people, too, so I’ve pursued different roles in customer success to strike a balance.

RPA is the perfect field for women who love this combination of innovative tech and working with the people behind the technology. My team is responsible for certifying RPA developers, and we put a lot of emphasis on getting in touch with the people who will benefit from automation tools. We provide them with the support and technical knowledge they need to be successful in creating RPA solutions.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities in RPA/Intelligent Automation? What’s in the future for your RPA career?

RPA is becoming more common in all sectors and industries, so the biggest opportunity right now is to be the “first RPA person” in an organization. You can do that by becoming an expert on any of the new positions RPA has created: an RPA developer, a business analyst working with RPA tools, an RPA controller, an RPA manager, just to name a few.

Women have a chance to be part of this revolution, and the sooner you enter the world of RPA, the more skills and experience you will gain.

For me, as a training manager, the future holds the chance to teach, educate and reskill employees in these new roles and encourage people from all backgrounds to engage with RPA.

What has RPA/Intelligent Automation helped you accomplish personally or professionally?

RPA has made me realize I look at the world slightly differently now. Every time my daily tasks become repetitive or mundane, I immediately think that there is an automation opportunity here. It’s helped me focus on the human capabilities I have, such as: innovation, creativity, thinking about different options to solve a problem – this is what drives me. Luckily for me, working in an RPA vendor company, it was easy for me to shift mundane tasks to a Kryon robot, and to free myself to reinvent certification plans instead.

Why should women consider a career in RPA? What advice can you offer to women who are interested in pursuing RPA jobs?

RPA is a relatively new technology. It is on its way to becoming a standard for every organization, and this brings a lot of job opportunities with it. Being a woman who pursues a career in RPA now will lead you to be one of the “veterans” in RPA within a few years. Since RPA involves both technological skills as well as understanding the people behind a process, it’s ideal for women.

With RPA you have to really dig deep to figure out the motivation for a specific action performed by a business user; what the alternatives are, and what problem the automation will solve for them. It requires the ability to listen, to question, and to have empathy. I believe women have an advantage here.

Starting in RPA is easy. You can register now for Kryon Academy and enroll in any of the free certification paths we offer. Soon, you’ll be on your way to becoming part of the burgeoning RPA industry.

Only 5% of tech leadership jobs are held by women. How will the industry benefit from increasing this number and placing more women in top positions?

Diversity is important. It allows teams to have multiple points of view, which means multiple ways to solve problems and multiple paths to success. The advantage of having more women in top positions in the RPA industry (and any industry) is the ability to communicate better, overcome more barriers, and to work together to reach higher results.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

I wish I was told, as a young girl, that is no such thing as a “girls’ position” vs. a “boys’ position.” It took me a few years as a grown-up to realize that myself. All it takes to reach the position you dream of, in RPA or any other industry, is simply to say it out loud, and start your journey to become it. It can be a long journey, so take it one step at a time. And make sure you have an RPA robot with you, to take the mundane tasks away…

You can also join the international Women in RPA initiative. We’re showcasing women leaders in all aspects of RPA. Please get in touch so we can share your story. 

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