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The Bigger Picture: Optimizing Business Processes Across the Enterprise

Businesses today understand that process automation is key to reducing or completely removing the mundane, repetitive, and redundant tasks that can be streamlined for better efficiency. But if your processes are automated without rhyme or reason, optimizing business processes can sometimes create information silos, where individual workflows operate in isolation and lead to bottlenecks and breakdowns.

By deploying a sophisticated, integrated workflow automation solution, your organization can break down these operational silos and create consistency by optimizing business processes organization-wide.

Benefits of an Organization-Wide Approach 

A single workflow can reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, but fully optimized processes that span an organization’s multiple departments can make a serious difference in how efficiently the business operates.

There  are numerous benefits to automating, orchestrating, and optimizing line of business processes throughout your organization, including:

  • Saving time and money
  • Redirecting that time into more valuable work
  • Increasing your employees’ productivity, and communication
  • Boosting employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Increasing accuracy by removing human error
  • Bettering service for your customers across all channels
  • Making your organization more efficient and effective

The Role of Office 365 and SharePoint

When it comes to everyday processes, Office 365 and SharePoint are two beacons of enterprise productivity.

These are the most widely used enterprise productivity platforms on the market and serve as the go-to software for storing, accessing, and collaborating on the information that passes through your business. These solutions have an extensive reach across your organization and are a crucial component to automating your business effectively.

To succeed in optimizing the processes that run throughout your company, you will need to ensure that the workflows you create work within Office 365, SharePoint, and any other platform that drives your business.

The challenge is that most business-critical processes often rely on more than a single environment or service. This means that a single, isolated workflow won’t get the job done. These processes need to interact and connect with multiple business systems, SaaS solutions, employees, vendors, and customers.

Visual Studio and the Reliance on Developers

Many solution providers that are looking to connect processes in Office 365 or SharePoint believe that their only real option is to use a tool like Visual Studio.

While useful in many cases, Visual Studio is limited when it comes to bringing multiple, multilayered, and sophisticated workflows together across an organization. Overcoming the limitations to use Visual Studio in these cases requires a team of full-time developers working over a period of weeks to months to build and execute the level of workflows that your business requires.

Using SharePoint with Visual Studio is not impossible, but it can be complicated and ultimately difficult for those outside of IT to use effectively.

The Impact of Nintex

Nintex solutions are designed with the ‘citizen developer’ in mind. The no code platform helps individuals and teams bring their processes together and enable automated workflows to impact the entire organization.

The Nintex drag-and-drop interface allows line of business workers to design and execute their own workflows that can automate key tasks and connect with other important processes throughout the organization. A range of connectors make it easy to integrate Nintex workflows with other business applications; end users simply drag and drop a connector such as Salesforce, Box, DocuSign or  Slack, into the workflow designer.

By deploying the Nintex Platform, your employees can break down silos and automate processes by designing intelligent workflows themselves. This can help your teams break through the barriers preventing them from doing their best work.



Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis is a Director of Product Marketing for Nintex. Based in our Bellevue, WA, office, Mike brings 13 years of experience in product management and technical marketing to the role.

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