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The big opportunity in big data workflow automation

In today’s world, data has arguably joined gold, oil, and rare-earth elements among the ranks of our most valuable resources. An organization’s success increasingly hinges on whether or not it’s using its data resources to maximum potential. Big data is a big deal, and one way to leverage it is big data workflow automation.

With the power of workflows, harvesting and harnessing high volumes of data is now an option for all kinds of organizations – not just the biggest hitters. It’s time to start bringing all that gold to the surface and using it to improve your organization’s decision-making.

What is big data analytics? And why should you care?

However, backtracking a little, you may be wondering how all this is relevant to you. The Amazons and Googles of this world generate vast quantities of data and manipulate it using some of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated technology infrastructure. OK, big data’s big business for them. But what about Joe and Jane Small-to-Medium-Business?

Big data analytics doesn’t necessarily have to involve the colossal data volumes that tech titans have at their disposal. It’s “big data”, not “huge data” or “gargantuan data”. Big data really means corralling all the information you have, wherever it is, and gaining insights across it that would have been difficult or impossible without the aid of technology. It means bringing everything together and seeing the big picture or the intricate patterns. It may sound grand and perhaps a little daunting, but don’t let the name fool you. Today, any organization can triumph over their own personal data Goliath – and reap the victor’s spoils.

Find success with big data workflow automation

By mapping out your business processes and turning them into digital workflows, organizations are then able to gain new visibility and control and apply data analytics to give previously untapped insights into them. Suddenly, information that was once out of reach, lost in a mass of locked-away big data, can now be easily and powerfully analyzed.

For instance, you can discover the business processes that:

  • Take the longest and how many people-hours they require every day/week/year to be completed
  • Are the most efficient and cost-effective, or where inefficient processes can be improved
  • Contribute the most (or the least) to your organization’s revenue
  • Should be completely removed or overhauled

You could look at this almost like creating a digital twin of your business operations, except instead of running parallel to your old manual processes, you’re creating new and improved replacements. The more of your crucial processes that are transformed into new, improved digital equivalents, the more you can see how your business is performing. Every one of these processes becomes a data-generator—a new treasure trove of data that can be easily stored, manipulated, and analyzed for the benefit of your organization.

Connecting all your data to provide unprecedented insights

Digitizing key business processes and gaining fresh insights into your operations is only the beginning. Once you’ve given your business a tune-up, it’s time to turn your attention from processes to customers, products, and revenue. The Nintex Platform integrates your processes and your data streams, including core data hubs like Salesforce and Microsoft Excel, to provide a wider, deeper, holistic view.

New integrations are being developed all the time, meaning your big data workflow automation solution will only become smarter, tighter, more seamless, and more valuable. And, at a time when organizations everywhere are facing a new need to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, data is becoming the fuel that allows them to keep up with competitors and customer expectations. That’s a very compelling reason to be on top of your data – not buried in it.

Stepping up to the big data challenge?

I hope this has provided some useful insights into how the Power of Process® can help your organization unlock the full value of your big data – whatever that data is, and however you harness it. The first key steps on the road to big data success are gaining the ability to surface and work with it. Once that’s been accomplished, data’s rich possibilities are yours to explore.



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