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The benefits of marketing automation

Process automation can benefit nearly any business, but few marketing departments have taken full advantage of it. Some have automated their email marketing, but almost all could use automation much more effectively to improve efficiency and results and drive down costs.

In this post, we outline how marketing automation can help nurture leads, streamline creative processes, and increase ROI on marketing campaigns.

Lead nurturing

Nurturing and converting sales leads is the main goal of any marketing team. But online leads can be tricky to convert. It’s difficult to respond quickly as they come in, and with customer expectations higher than ever, marketing teams are under pressure to deliver tailored content at exactly the right time in the customer journey.

One of the many benefits of marketing automation is that it enables marketers to create a tailored sales funnel that maximizes conversion from lead to customer. With each lead, a good workflow knows:

  • Contact information
  • Business profile
  • Position in the customer journey
  • Pain points

When the lead registers interest, that should kick off a workflow that sends tailored correspondence, based on previous interactions with the company (stored in your CRM system). The workflow can use this data to automatically generate relevant content and track how it’s used. That lets marketers measure results, take appropriate next steps, and further tailor their campaigns.

Salesforce integration

Many marketing departments use Salesforce as their primary CRM tool; after all, its main purpose is to help marketers manage sales, provide customer service, and nurture relationships. But its effectiveness can be undermined if marketers must use multiple, disconnected tools to move processes forward.

Automation solutions use APIs to connect and integrate these disparate tools in unified, streamlined workflows. For example, it’s easy to create a workflow that automatically routes discount requests to the appropriate manager, alerts the right people when their input is needed, and provides e-signatures, all with just a few clicks. When an approval process is digitally streamlined, it can be executed in minutes, not hours or days.

Social media management

Marketers understand the importance of actively managing multiple social media channels, often three or four. Good systems proactively provide relevant content and support and respond instantly when issues arise – and do these things consistently across all channels. Automating your social media workflows can make them much more efficient and effective, and free up employees to spend more time creating new content.

Bringing workflow automation to your social media strategy lets you:

  • Cross-post automatically across channels
  • Eliminate the need to create individual posts
  • Create a more consistent customer experience
  • Spend more time on high-value tasks and better customer service

Email marketing

All industries rely on email marketing to generate leads and engage customers and prospects. When a potential customer signs up for a mailing list or asks for information, they become a lead. Then it’s up to marketing to contact them and convert them into a customer. The challenge is knowing what will interest a potential customer. Irrelevant content or a barrage of emails risks burning out your email list. How can you make the most of your leads?

Automating your email workflows lets you:

  • Closely manage what you send, and to whom
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Hit the right contacts with the right information at the right time
  • Personalize your communications and increase conversion rates
  • Encourage return buyers

Using automation, marketing can create effective, event-based workflows that respond instantly to new leads and keep you constantly in the loop.

Harness the benefits of marketing automation with Nintex 

With the right tools, your marketing department can create automated processes that give prospects and customers lightning-fast, tailored responses and highly relevant content.  

The Nintex Platform connects to a wide variety of marketing solutions, so you can create workflows that eliminate manual tasks that force you to constantly switch screens and apps. Automation also simplifies project management, enabling rapid production of new marketing materials and faster go-to-market overall. The Nintex Platform makes marketers more agile and creative than ever and gives them the tools to delight customers.   


To find out more about how you can integrate automation into your marketing department, get in touch today.



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