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The Automation Race: How to Automate Message Notifications

This blog discusses how enterprises can mitigate the problems caused by information overload in the workplace, focusing on how to automate and optimize message notifications with the Nintex Platform.

In the enterprise today, there’s an app for everything. There are apps for email, instant messaging, managing tasks, document management, business intelligence, holding meetings in the cloud, etc. What’s more, each line of business might have their own set of apps.

On the one hand, the rise in productivity apps helps knowledge workers achieve more, providing them with specialized functionality that is revolutionizing what is possible in the enterprise. Yet, on the other hand, the modern workplace has become awash with apps and, more pertinently, the multitude of notifications each app sends out throughout the day.

This constant string of messages and notifications can be highly distracting and lead to significant reductions in productivity. In many cases, users don’t want to forego their business tools, and instead want the notifications they do receive to be better managed. Therefore, information overload – the term given to the idea that the volume of notifications we receive from the apps we use is problematic – often becomes a problem for IT teams to solve.

IT to the rescue, once again

Another job for IT. Yet IT teams are already swamped with work. Digital transformation has put IT at the center of every organization. It seems as if every business function is now becoming more reliant on the smooth working of IT systems, devices, apps, and infrastructure.

As each line of business introduces new apps across more and more devices, and users receive more and more notifications, the problem of managing these message notifications across the entire business becomes more complex. Finding a solution that works for everyone can be tough. IT teams need a way to stay on top of this without it becoming a burden on their already stretched resources. Automation is key.

The goal: Making sure the right people receive the right messages at the right time.

The solution: Automating message notifications with the help of the Nintex Platform.

Automating the processes that matter most

The Nintex Platform helps organizations manage, automate, and optimize business processes with no-code tools. With Nintex you can automate workflows to streamline how work is done and remove the reliance on time-consuming, labor-intensive and manual processes.

Organizations can improve message management by integrating the Nintex Platform with line of business applications, Active Directory and Azure Service Bus to streamline notifications.

Connecting the arms of an organization

Nintex Connectors help you quickly and easily bring everything you need into the Nintex Platform. Power your workflows with the mission-critical data and business apps your employees use every day.

The no-code, drag-and-drop approach helps you integrate a wide range of apps into Nintex. This means that you can use Nintex to automate whichever apps are being used by the line of business, and manage message notifications better.

How to automate message notification with Nintex

Automated and optimized messaging will improve efficiency and productivity in your organization, and help you avoid the pitfalls of information overload.

You can use the Nintex Platform to:

  • Route messages and notifications according to their relevance to the correct employee and groups
  • Create a single portal to view and manage all pending tasks and notifications
  • Prevent information leaks and ensure confidential information is secure
  • Avoid information overload by ensuring messages are sent to the right people at the right time for the right reasons

A solution for the line of business

For each line of business, you can set up a single portal which allows them to see, manage, and respond to all notifications and messaging they receive. This way, HR, for example, has its own window into the notifications it is receiving. HR leaders can then further optimize these. They can monitor which notifications are being sent out and to whom, stopping HR workers being bombarded by messages that aren’t relevant.

Just as importantly, they can ensure that all important notifications are received, which helps avoid bottlenecks that could otherwise be caused by employees missing out on key information.

Take your business processes to the next level

With Nintex you can improve message management and revolutionize how notifications are sent and received within your organization. Send the right messages to the right people, even when you are operating across multiple channels, devices, and lines of business.

The Nintex Platform is built on six capabilities:

  • Advanced Workflow
  • DocGen®
  • Mobile Apps & Forms
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Intelligence
  • Xtensions® Framework


To find out more about the Nintex Platform and how we can help your organization automate message notifications and win the automation race, get in touch with us today and read more here.



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