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The 3 keys to customer experience optimization

Customer experience, or CX, changes the way businesses work on a global scale. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the way you interact with customers directly either – CX spans all interactions the customer has with your organization, from the content you publish to event appearances and demos.

Getting it right is a matter of importance for your entire business, not just your customer service team. However, customer service is likely to be the area that interacts with customers most frequently and most directly. Getting the basics right with your customer-facing teams and providing them with the tools they need to succeed can be the difference between loyal customers who champion your brand and those who are indifferent (or worse).

73 percent of consumers say a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties and 96 percent say that customer experience specifically dictates where their brand loyalty lies. It’s no surprise then, that businesses with a ‘customer experience mindset’ tend to outperform their industry rivals by around 4-8 percent.

Let’s look at how you can revitalize your customer service with a fresh approach to customer experience optimization.

1. Avoid roadblocks in your customers’ journey

There’s plenty of issues that can arise when creating customer journeys. Misguided personas or a lack of research can snuff out your chances of success before you’ve even begun. You need to have a solid idea of who your target customer is and how they are going to use your company’s website and services to get what they need.

Track n’ trace

One way to do this is to track how customers use your site, segment them based on different groups, and dedicate specific goals and instructions to each step of the process. This way, if they need help at any stage, your customer service team is clued up and ready to go.

For adequate tracking, you’ll need dedicated customer experience mapping software that not only provides you with analytics and stats based on how users behave on your site, but also allows you to plot their journeys to better optimize them in the future.

Standardize to increase engagement

In turn, you’ll be creating a streamlined, standardized way for your customer service team to approach problems. Companies with initiatives to improve their customer experience increase their employee engagement by 20 percent, on average. Happy customers mean fulfilled customer service teams.

2. Refocus your approach

With so much emphasis on case numbers, support tickets and solving problems, it’s easy for customer-facing teams to get bogged down in the numbers and forget what the goal really is: empathy. The goal is to reinstate understanding and helpfulness as a key metric, rather than ripping through reams of performance stats.

Strive to satisfy

Stepping away from activity-based performance and basing your success on the satisfaction of your customers will begin to build the image of a company that cares. When you optimize customer experience correctly, you don’t just make your company more efficient, you make it more likable.

When it’s time to interact directly with customers, your team needs to understand what it is they need as clearly and quickly as possible. This is also something that can be improved with the right software. Again, customer journey mapping will target specific pain points of different users and arm your team with specific, accurate advice for any given scenario.

3. Create a personalized and memorable experience

Personalization is no longer a bonus to make you stand out above your competition. Now it’s a necessity. Customers have come to expect support that is tailored to their specific circumstances as standard. Anything less and you’ll risk losing them to a company with greater adaptability.

A Salesforce study found that 80 percent of customers consider their experience with a company to be as important as its product. Creating an experience that they remember (for the right reasons!) will give you a better chance of retaining them or even getting recommendations from them.

Solve problems smoothly

Customer experience optimization can create a more streamlined, empathetic and adaptable way to interact with customers, you’ll not only solve their problems quicker, but you’ll also give them a more relaxing and straightforward service while doing so.

The positive association you’ll build from this doing this is worth it too. Loyal customers are five times more likely to make a second purchase and four times more likely to recommend your service or product to a friend.

Nintex makes life easier for your teams

Creating better customer experience processes reduces your teams’ workload when dealing with customer cases and allows them more room to create personalized and memorable experiences.

Nintex Promapp® is a visual process mapping software that makes optimizing your team’s processes faster and easier. Promapp has been used to help organizations encourage company-wide collaboration and improve processes to optimize customer experience for organizations of all sizes, all over the world. It could be the missing piece of the puzzle in your customer’s experience with your brand.

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